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China introduces ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ onto curriculum for all age groups

CHINA will incorporate “Xi Jinping Thought” into its national curriculum to help “establish Marxist belief” in the country’s youth, the education ministry said in new guidelines published on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Education said Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era” would be taught from primary school level all the way to university.

Primary schools will focus on cultivating love for the country, the Communist Party of China, and socialism.

In middle schools, the focus will be on a combination of perceptual experience and knowledge study, to help students form basic political judgments and opinions.

In college, there will be more emphasis on the establishment of theoretical thinking. 

The move is aimed at strengthening “resolve to listen to and follow the Party” and new teaching materials must “cultivate patriotic feelings”, the guidelines said.

Since coming to power in 2012, the Chinese President has sought to strengthen the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s role in all areas of society, including its businesses, schools and cultural institutions.

“Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism With Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” was formally enshrined in the country’s constitution in 2018. Xi’s personal power has also been strengthened by the abolition of presidential term limits.

In a speech to mark the centenary of the Communist Party celebrated in July, Xi vowed to “enhance” the Party’s leadership, uphold his own “core” leadership and strengthen the unity of the Chinese people.

The 14-point “Xi Jinping Thought” says that the Chinese Communist Party leadership should be ensured over “all forms of work in China”, the party should take a people-centric approach for the public interest, it should govern China with the rule of law and practise socialist core values like Marxism and communism among others.

It also says that the Xi Jinping-led party should have “absolute leadership” over the armed forces, and espouses an unerring belief in the One China principle what it comes to the country’s borders.

It is the latest move to cement the Communist Party’s position generally and Mr Xi’s in particular. The 68-year-old abolished presidential term limits in 2018, extending his rule indefinitely. – Reuters/AFP/Global Times

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