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Woman makes false police report of stolen vehicle

A woman has been arrested after she made a false report that her car, which was being used by her husband as a getaway car, was stolen.

Police say, the 40-year-old woman, Erica Musindo, made a report on Saturday that her family had been robbed of the car and money.

“The ZRP warns the public against making false reports to the Police. On 22/08/21, Police in Bulawayo arrested Erica Musindo (40) for making a false robbery case to the Police at ZRP Pumula on 21/08/21.

“The suspect reported that her family had been robbed of US$5100 cash and a Mazda Axella motor vehicle,” posted police on Twitter.

It was later discovered that Musindo’s husband, Adrian Morris Virima, used the same car held at Criminal Investigations Department Theft From Car (CID TFC) in various crimes.

“Investigations by Police revealed that the alleged stolen vehicle was being held at CID TFC Bulawayo as an exhibit in a case of theft from a car which occurred on 21/08/21 outside Highlanders Sports Club in Bulawayo.

Adrian Morris Virima, the husband of the suspect, was allegedly using the alleged stolen vehicle as a getaway car in criminal escapades.

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