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TelOne suspends data rollover with immediate effect

By Zimbabwe Voice Reporter

TELECOM operator TelOne has advised that effective immediately, data rollover has been suspended.

Data rollover is when a user’s data package reaches the expiry window while there is still data for use and the remaining data is automatically made available to the customer for another expiry window, usually 30 days.

With the country having been in one level of lockdown or another since March 2020, many have normalised working partially or fully from home, and data packages from leading ISP firms have been the game changer. Except there has been one common challenge: reaching the expiry date of the data package while still having loads of data to one’s credit.

With electricity rarely available in most neighborhoods, most people would reach end of 30-day period with a data credit. TelOne was probably the only one that offered a rollover, and this had won it new subscribers. But things have changed.

In an announcement this Monday, TelOne said the suspension of the facility is “owing to the unremitting failure on the host platform which has been affecting overall service offering and quality rendering the facility impossible to sustain”.

TelOne had introduced the rollover facility early in the year. Some of the terms and conditions for the facility were that: “Data rolled over to another window of 30 days will be forfeited if not used within the new 30 day window that is the Rollover Period”.

To top it off, data was being first be consumed from the rolled over data, before using any new recharged data during the Rollover Period. Also, a change in the type of data bundle package during the rollover period was not affecting the rolled over data.

The system was also first using the rolled over data under the current package before using the data under the new package.

The terms further said customers were not be eligible for further rollover of data once the Rollover Period has elapsed.

Responding to the latest developments, heavy data users felt betrayed by TelOne after switching form other service providers only recently.

Munyaradzi Makuni, a website designer and entrepreneur, said that he switched to TelOne in May after learning of the data rollover, but he might be tracing his footsteps back to Econet.

“I was using Econet before moving to TelOne because with Econet, I often end up downloading stuff I didn’t ’t need, such as movies, just so that I exhaust all my data before it’s wiped out on expiry date,”

Munyaradzi used to buy 50GB per month Wi-Fi bundle with Econet, but was not using all of it within the 30 days as his needs varied from one month to another depending on his business cycle.

Electricity availability was also affecting his data usage patterns.

With many start-ups and entrepreneurs entering the economic space in Zimbabwe of late, many are in Munyaradzi’s circumstances. □

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