Zanu PF adds 3 million new members, mostly youths

ZANU PF believes it is on course to achieve its targeted registered five million voters to ensure a resounding victory in the 2023 elections.

The ruling party seeks to mobilise grassroots to join its cell structures and court new members, especially first-time voters.

Zanu PF Director for Information and Publicity Tafadzwa Mugwadi, told the Sunday Mail that three million new members have been so far added to the party’s national database, adding that these were mainly youths in the age category 18 – 38.

“What is most interesting to share is that due to our strategy — which of course I cannot share but is spearheaded by all party departments supervised by the Vice President Cde KCD Mohadi assisted by the Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu — we are currently standing above three million members using the party cell register,” said Mugwadi.

“With this, it has become clear that we are set to surpass the five million target because more and more people are coming home to the party, jumping from sinking suicidal ships among the jetsam and flotsam in the opposition.

“That is exactly the character of the revolutionary party — it must mobilise, recruit and welcome its comrades who elect to trace their roots back to it. It also pardons those who might have used the wrong road in the past and rehabilitates them to contribute to the party’s growth.”

Mugwadi said the party is mobilising the youth, women, the elderly, the diaspora, the business community and, most importantly, first-time voters to join and be part of the voters for the next elections.

“To say we are happy is an understatement. To put it bluntly, we are walking tall; we are humbled by the overwhelming response from our people, particularly the young people, especially those who are turning 18 years and those that have just turned 18 years.

“Looking at the demographic data shown from the cell registers and branch structures, the majority of our members are the young boys and young girls who are set to be first-time voters by 2023, and, honestly speaking, that is a thumping and powerful vote of confidence in the revolutionary party,” said Mugwadi.

Youths will drive the voting in the next elections, Mugwadi said.

“I must say for the first time that Zanu PF’s victory in 2023 will be hinged on the shoulders of young people between 18 and 38 years. This is because President ED Mnangagwa and the ZANU PF Government have placed our young people at the centre of all developmental objectives, unveiling productive business entrepreneurial and empowerment projects to make them productive.

“There are now more youths in agriculture, mining, tourism, transport sector, retail, banking and other areas than they were previously, as evidenced by an emerging group of black, young middle-class entrepreneurs.

“This is why there is an overwhelming response from this demographic group, coupled of course with the tireless efforts from the Youth League, which has been at the forefront to champion projects that benefit our young people.”

He said that recruiting new members had been made easier because of President Mnangagwa’s leadership in Government which was turning around the economy.

“Using comparative lenses, they have seen that Zanu PF and President Mnangagwa are clear, focused and committed to production, action and less of blah blah blah.

“We pledged in 2018 that we will put our focus on roads and the President has put an indelible signature on the roads; we said we will deal with inflation, and, yes, prices have stabilised; we said we will deal with distorted exchange rates, currency manipulation, distortions and speculation, and indeed the foreign currency auction system dealt with these vices overnight,” he said.

“We said we will turn around mining to ensure that it becomes a key contributor to the GDP and true to our word, the massive investments in the mining sector and the mineral outputs have increased drastically, changing the lives of young people across the nation.

“We said we will bring a robust and modern public transport system for our people and yes, ZUPCO is back with a bang, cheap, less chaotic and reliable.

Mugwadi said the opposition was in disarray and not capable of giving Zanu PF worries ahead of the elections. He said Zanu-PF was happy that there were infighting and chaos in the opposition.

“The achievements that Zanu PF has registered so far and continue to register despite the Covid-19 pandemic have put a final nail on the coffin of all those other political upstarts whose only success story is splitting annually.

“We feel sorry for them but we can hardly do anything, for the fall of puppets and Trojan Horses is a cause for rejoice among revolutionaries and patriots.

“With President ED Mnangagwa leading us as our candidate for the next elections, I can assure you that 2023 is a foregone conclusion, for the party’s victory is guaranteed. The opposition is in disarray, it is in tatters and in that state, it cannot organise to win.”

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