Mathew Boka claims ownership of Rolls-Royce, Sean Mnangagwa was just viewing it

By Zimbabwe Voice

The Rolls-Royce Dawn which went viral on social media over the weekend after Sean Mnangagwa was photographed in it, does not belong to him.

According to the investigative online paper The NewsHawks, the head-turning and pricey supercar belongs to Mathew Boka, the son of the late Zimbabwean business tycoon Roger Boka.

There was outrage on social media with Zimbabweans accusing Sean, who is an army captain and son of the President, of looting public funds to fund an expensive lifestyle. However, none of the activists who made the remarks proved that indeed Sean owned the car, except for a photo in which Sean was sitting on the driver’s seat.

Sean works as a captain in the Zimbabwe National Army and is attached to the yellow-bereted Presidential Guards.

The car in question is in a bonded warehouse at the Boka Auction Floors and hasn’t hit Zimbabwean roads yet, but is sure set to turn many heads when it finally does.

According to the investigative publication, Mathew, the executive chairperson of Boka Tobacco Floors, imported the car for personal use from the United Kingdom.

It’s said Sean expressed his interest in buying the car, went on to view it and then took pictures which went viral. When asked about who owned the supercar, Mathew said he did.

“I can categorically state that it’s my car. It’s my vehicle, I imported it, but it’s in a bonded warehouse,” he said.

He added that he had purchased it from the UK and had it flown in.

Mathew further insisted the car was not for sale and would prefer that the issue be treated as private as he valued his privacy.

“It’s my car. It’s not on sale. Sean came the other day to the auction floors on other business which had nothing to do with the car, but he saw the car and liked it. He asked if he could view it and take pictures, just like any person who would have seen something nice,” Mathew said.

“It’s not his and I don’t want to talk too much about this issue because I am a private person. I don’t talk much to the media and this is not even a big issue.”

Boka Auction Floors serve over 25 000 small holder tobacco farmers on its exchange and contract platforms. It handles 12% of the country’s tobacco market, making it a big money spinning venture considering that Zimbabwe is one of the largest producers of tobacco in Africa, exporting $782m in the 2020 season.

Last month, there was furore on social media over reports that deputy sports minister Tinomudaishe Machakaire had splashed US$770,000 on a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The 39-year-old Wedza South MP was said to have paid GVE London £330,000 for the luxury car and £30,000 for shipping – all of which turned out to be false.

GVE London posted videos on social media confirming that it had shipped the car to a Zimbabwean minister, but the company did not name Machakaire. □

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