Macheso signs deal with Nebank

VETERAN musician Alick Macheso has signed an endorsement deal with Nedbank Zimbabwe that will see him promote the bank’s mobile app under a campaign dubbed “Kete Pakete”.

The campaign also ropes in talented socialite-cum-comedian Cody Banks, better known as Cody the Rank Marshall. The duo will be appearing in educational skits and other communication material led by the bank.

The Sungura kingpin, who has been in the music industry for 40 years and remains the most consistent artiste, commended the continued corporate confidence in his brand at a time when most artistes were finding the going tough owing to the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

“I have been in the music industry for close to four decades and I believe I have worked on a brand that resonates with the masses,” Macheso said.

“I really feel honoured to be working with an international brand as big as Nedbank Zimbabwe. It’s not something I take for granted because they could have picked anyone, but their confidence in me speaks a lot about their trust in my work.

“Being engaged by Nedbank for their ‘Kete Pakete’ mobile app campaign is a show of confidence in my brand and I am generally excited by this show of support. Nedbank Zimbabwe joins a whole list of brands that have supported our work and believed in our brand over the years, some openly and some covertly.”

“The ‘Kete Pakete’ mobile app campaign is for everyone’s benefit. The app is safe and cost-effective as it uses zero data. We then used the #ketepakete pay-off line to get the message home. As Orchestra Mberikwazvo we have used ‘kete pakete’ in one of our songs and people just love it,” he said.

“I have been in the music industry for close to four decades and I believe I have worked on a brand that resonates with the masses,” Macheso said.

Cody Banks, known for his “murungu akajaidzwa” jibe, said the new deal with Nedbank was a demonstration of what partnerships between creatives and corporates can do.

“Working together as business and arts sectors, we can achieve a lot because we produce content and services that target the same market. Nedbank Zimbabwe must be commended for engaging artistes, especially during this lockdown period where opportunities are limited,” he said.

Nedbank Zimbabwe head of sales Heressy Herry said brand synergies between their institution and Macheso were an indication of the many possibilities that abound in the local industry.

“There is a symbiotic relationship between corporates and creatives because we all serve the same market and as a bank. We are happy to be working with one of the most-celebrated musicians in educating the market about our mobile app.

“The goal is to use his influence and that of Cody in the campaign to educate the market on the benefits of using our zero data mobile app to transact safely from anywhere without worrying about visiting the bank or losing money to thieves and conmen,” Herry said.

“As professionally-run brand, we are all about bringing value to the market in the best possible way and we are happy to introduce the Nedbank Zimbabwe mobile app which is bringing a lot of convenience to Zimbabweans from all walks of life through this ‘Kete Pakete’ campaign.

“The app has got a zero data facility which means once you have downloaded it, there is no worrying about data costs for transacting,” he said.

According to Herry, the new Nedbank mobile app has unique security features, uses zero data and helps Zimbabweans from all walks of life to send and receive money and pay for other services.

“Engaging Macheso is our way of saying we are a brand for the people and you will see the two appearing in our mobile app, educational skits and other information, education and communication material.”

“The app is highly secure because of the biometric security feature which makes it difficult for criminals and conmen to steal from our clients. Also, it brings convenience as transactions can be done in the comfort of your home or office,” he added.

The Macheso-Nedbank relationship was facilitated by brand management agency, Esteem Communications, an organisation which works with various brands across sectors.

Esteem Communications managing director Takemore Mazuruse said the partnership was a win-win arrangement.

“Influence marketing is the new normal, but it calls for strategy and effective execution if it is to bring value to both partners,” he said.

“Likes and comments do not always translate to value and we are happy to have facilitated what we believe is a beneficial business relationship between Alick Macheso and Nedbank Zimbabwe.

“We are also managing the campaign in terms of content and visibility from Alick’s camp to ensure meaningful value for the partner.”

Many artistes have found the going tough under the lockdown ban on live performances, and only those that have managed to survive the shift from traditional to digital means of engagement and music sales are weathering the storm.

The bank is working with sungura godfather Nicholas “Senior Lecturer” Zakaria in their tobacco season campaign.

At the beginning of this year, they engaged Zakaria, Jeys Marabini and the Sables Coach Brendon Dawson for their 2021 Father’s Day campaign.

Brand endorsement deals have become an alternative source of income for local artistes, but the majority either lack the clout and tact to attract such, while some that have been engaged have failed to deliver as expected or have gone on to drag corporate brands into controversy through lack of professionalism and poor management.

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