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Gutu man caught pants down with married prophetess

By Zimbabwe Voice Reporter

A MAN from Mbirikira Village in Gutu, Masvingo Province, has been dragged before the local traditional court charged with having an adulterous affair after he was caught sleeping with his neighbour’s wife who is a self-proclaimed prophetess.

A court recently held by Chief Gutu ordered Josiah Madziva of Mbirikira Village in Thornhill Farm to pay five cows after finding him guilty of taking a neighbour’s wife and running away with her to another village.

Madziva was caught pants down with David Mtizwa’s wife and when confronted, he allegedly said that he had come to collect holy water sincee Mtizwa’s wife claims to have spiritual healing powers.

Chief Gutu’s court heard that sometime this August, Madziva and Mtizwa’s wife were caught red handed at Mtizwa’s homestead. They were cornered in the house by the husband David and his brother Tanaka Mtizwa, Masvingo Mirror reports.

David was tipped off by his brother Tanaka, after which the two brothers laid a trap and the unsuspecting Madziva walked right into it. When quizzed what he was doing inside his neighbour’s house, Madziva said he had come for a healing session and needed holy water.

After the incident, the court heard that Madziva and Matizwa’s wife ran off to Eastdale Range near Matizha village to seek a hide out.

Delivering the judgment, Chief Gutu said Madziva was a cruel neighbour and he deserved to be punished severely for his wrong doings.

The chief said the evidence given in court showed that Madziva and Mtizwa’s wife truly had an adulterous affair in which they were already preparing to have a child together.

Chief Gutu ordered Josiah Madziva to pay five cows after finding him guilty of taking a neighbour’s wife.

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