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Madzibaba Mutumwa speaks against child marriages, urges vaccination

By Zimbabwe Voice Reporter

BULAWAYO-based leader of the Johane Masowe weChishanu, Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa, has spoken strongly against the abuse of young girls and women, saying all children were equal and must be afforded an opportunity to get an education as well as access to healthcare.

The Johane Masowe Chishanu is a Zimbabwean African indigenous church with branches in many countries. These congregations, whether in Zimbabwe or abroad, are easily recognizable by their snow-white garments.

Madzibaba Mutumwa told the Zimbabwe Voice that the marriage was not an achievement and all parents must strive to afford their children a decent education to empower them.

“We are against child marriages and the abuse of women and the girl child. Marriage is not an achievement; every child whether male or female must be given an opportunity to get an education and make their own living,” Madzibaba Mutumwa said, adding that many families among his church members have female children who have graduated at universities in Zimbabwe and abroad.

“Most of my children in the church are female and have attended schools and universities such as the NUST here in Bulawayo, MSU, UZ, Chinhoyi university and different other universities and colleges in Zimbabwe while some have also been to learning institutions overseas. This is how we raise children as members of the Johanne Masowe weChishanu,” said the church leader.

Madzibaba Mutumwa has previously marched against child marriages in the Cowdray Park and Emganwini suburbs in Bulawayo, to raise awareness against the scourge of child marriage which is sadly being practised in some parts of the country.

Regarding public health Covid-19 and vaccination, Madzibaba Mutumwa’s church encourages the public and its membership to get vaccinated, as he himself has already received his jabs against Covid-19. Madzibaba Mutumwa, who has healed people with illnesses in many parts of the country from Binga to Mutare, says all healing glory comes from God, adding that the doctors and health experts working tirelessly to develop vaccines are also working with God’s blessings.

The congregants at the Johane Masowe weChishanu practise social distancing and wear face masks, in line with preventative measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

“I have been vaccinated against Covid myself, and so are the majority of our church members. We believe God works through the doctors and scientists of our times and we urge all our members and the nation at large to heed the Government’s call and the call by health authorities for members of the public to consider getting vaccinated as a way to protect our nation from Covid,” he said.

Madzibaba Mutumwa, whose Bulawayo headquarters are in Selbourne Park, is further planning to bring a vaccination team to the church for easy access to vaccination by any of its members who might not have been vaccinated.

The church has branches across the country’s towns, cities, rural areas, mines and farms.

“We also have branches abroad in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Botswana, the UK, the Americas, and many other countries you can think of. We work well with the country’s leadership and we respect and follow the country’s Constitution,” said Madzibaba Mutumwa. – Zimbabwe Voice

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