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Zimbabwe tops the world on creating a healthy democracy

By Dr Masimba Mavaza

Despite the so visible strides made by the New dispensation towards opening a democratic space America has made concerted efforts to destroy the good name of Zimbabwe. Only in three years Zimbabwe has renovated its city buildings, it has reconstructed roads, it has constructed dams it has touched every aspect of life with the golden hand of development. Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa has been a germ to marvel at.

The opposition in Zimbabwe were allowed to roam free in the country. We have people who go around badmouthing the country advocating for sanctions and still they grace our parliament as Members of Parliament.

Zimbabwe is trying everything in its power to make the lives of its citizens improve yet we receive a bullet in the chest for doing the best for our country. We have Zimbabweans in the diaspora who have made it their duty to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe.

One such unpatriotic Zimbabwean is Dannmore Sithole who is the Research and Public Policy Portfolio Secretary for MDC A UK who spends most of his time vilifying Zimbabwe. Dannmore Sithole has been telling those with ears that he left Zimbabwe in fear of ZANU PF and that his life is in danger. He went on to say his family has been attacked by war vets and his sister raped by over hundred ZANU PF youths while tied to a tree.

Such blatant lies are the ones which motivates the West to believe that Zimbabwe is not respecting Human Rights. Last week The United States described Zimbabwe as a deteriorating country which is worse shape compared to its heyday in the 1990s, amid concerns of an economic crisis and human rights violations that continue to hamper relations between the West and Harare.

US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told a virtual news conference on following her visit to South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Niger that Zimbabwe in the 1990s was “beautiful” but now, almost 30 years later, was falling back. “As you said, there are democracy challenges all over Africa. There is backsliding,” she said.

“Some — I remember being in Zimbabwe in the 1990s, and it was one of the most beautiful and prosperous and relatively open countries, but it’s a far cry from that now,” Nuland said.

Nuland gave this speech and paints Zimbabwe black because of people who are like Dunnmore Sithole who lies for his own selfish motives. Truth be told Zimbabweans abroad contribute to the problems Zimbabwe faces. In short Dunnmore Sithole came to United Kingdom to join his wife.

When he arrived in the UK he started cheating and physically abusing his wife. The wife then kicked Dannmore out and removed him from her visa. Dannmore then had to seek asylum creating stories all because he wanted to stay in the UK regardless of the harm he causes to his country.

Zimbabwe today is being looked at as a human rights abuser because of male prostitutes like Dannmore who sing every weekend at the embassy with the aim of embarrassing the country.

Dannmore with some ladies are the ones who pelted the late minister of Foreign Affairs with tins and water bottles in a bid to create a situation that Zimbabwe is intolerant to human rights.

This behaviour is unpatriotic depressing and flabbergasting.

Zimbabwe is larger than Dannmore Sithole and his warped mental health problems. Since the early 1980 there have been significant transformations in political systems in Zimbabwe thanks to ZANU PF. These institutional changes have resulted in, for example, the demise of the racially based system in Zimbabwe and the introduction of a nonracial democracy.

Since the new dispensation in Zimbabwe many people have witnessed the sharp rise in democratic tolerance rule of law paving the way for the establishment of rule-of-law-based governance systems characterized by constitutionalism and constitutional government, including reforms such as term limits.

Nevertheless, the MDC chancers in Diaspora still struggle show a false face of deepened and institutionalize democracy and deal effectively and fully with government impunity, particularly that which is associated with the abuse of executive power and the violation of human rights. This face is a farce and unfortunately this is what Nuland capitalised on as he peed on Zimbabwe’s good name.

Notably, while the president Emmerson Mnangagwa has abided by his country’s constitution the MDC VISA seekers have used the name of the country to gain visas. In addition, these activities by MDC foreign members like Dannmore Sithole has created conditions that make it very difficult for Zimbabwe to participate competitively in international activities.

Some Zimbabweans in diaspora have taken pride in vilifying their country. They can never open their mouths to say something good for Zimbabwe. They are people who oppose their country at every possible opportunity. Their hatred of Emmerson Dambudzo MNANGAGWA is phenomenal.

If ED says that the Earth is round some Zimbabweans claiming to be MDC and their puppets will complain . They will argue that the Earth is triangular. They will accuse MNANGAGWA of abusing the land until it became round. Hopelessly they will accuse ZANU PF of having looted the triangle and placed a round earth to make the people suffer .

These people oppose just for the sake of opposing . Instead of promoting production , they promote useless debate. They do not understand the purpose of the opposition. At the level of regime typologies, the uncertain status and inherent weakness of the opposition mark defining features of regimes beyond democracy.

However, even the performance and evolution of the latter tend to be shaped by oppositions and the government’s approach to dealing with them. Democracy is as much about opposition as it is about government.

Zimbabweans in diaspora have taken pride in vilifying their country. They can never open their mouths to say something good for Zimbabwe. They are people who oppose their country at every possible opportunity. Their hatred of Emmerson Dambudzo MNANGAGWA is phenomenal.

America and the West generalise that Zimbabwe is poor because its political powers want to keep it that way, not because of the actions taken by the West.

The West and America must promote the rule of law by providing support to countries through knowledge and expertise sharing programmes leading on work in law and development promoting democracy not by vilifying the countries they claim to be assisting. Strengthening rule of law institutions through technical assistance and development of policy and tools to build capacity and enhance skills is the way the Americans should be talking about.

This idea that each time they find a platform they castigate Zimbabwe is appalling. Despite giving signals that they warming up to Zimbabwe the West has taken a different turn when they are before the cameras.

Just talking about Zimbabwe without pointing out the real problems is tantamount to witchcraft. It is a fact that from the US to Uganda, most countries grapple with a democratic deficit. Yet there is a popular perception that Africa lags behind the rest of the world in this most nebulous of political terms.

This is despite the fact that millions of people elsewhere in the world live under regimes that can be described as authoritarian, oppressive and undemocratic, while millions of people within Africa enjoy the benefits of relatively good governance. The West focuses on Zimbabwe and misses the other countries near them.

Former British leader Winston Churchill thought democracy was “the worst form of government, except for all the others”. His words lays bare the imperfections of what we call democracy, but also hint at how difficult it is to define.

Africa’s continuing reliance on foreign aid has increased the opportunities for those providing aid to believe that they have a right to tell Africa how to govern.

The major donors have been meeting frequently in order to discuss how to develop the debt problems and to devise aid strategies for African governments. In turn, foreign aid has increasingly been linked to a set of prescriptions for changes in both economic and political policies pursued by African governments. The so-called new world order also has had significant effects on African governments.

As the influence and interest of the Soviet Union in Africa declined (and later collapsed with its demise), Western states and the organizations they influence gained considerably greater leverage over African governments, surpassing the general client-dependent relationship of the 1970s and 1980s.

It is because of this that Zimbabwe is always vilified despite what it has achieved.

Zimbabwe has been having peaceful elections since 1980 regardless of financial difficulties. The price of democracy has been high and it is indeed high.

Despite what is said out there Zimbabwe is proud of its achievement under ZANU PF government.

Regardless of where we are we must all remember that Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole universe. So let’s not bad mouth our country.

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