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Chalton Hwende goes after Madam Boss

By Zimbabwe Voice Reporter

THE opposition MDC Alliance has vowed to bring down popular comedienne Madam Boss and all the companies that have endorsement deals with her, saying she was being used by the ruling Zanu-PF party to “endorse the theft and plunder of our resources”.

Madam Boss, real name Tyra Chikocho-Munetsiwa, enjoys a wide range of endorsements from corporates in the money transfer business, life assurance, borehold drilling, telecoms, solar energy, tours and travel, among others.

She entered the eye of a storm after she made some rather controversial remarks about the Johanne Marange Church-linked child marriages. She indicated she would not in any protests against the apostolic sect over the death during child birth of a 14-year-old girl, Memory Machaya.

While Madam Boss has since apologized over the utterances, MDC Alliance secretary-general Chalton Hwende has launched a spirited campaign against the popular entertainer saying she must lose “everything” for her alleged links to Zanu-PF.

“This is very embarrassing but not surprising. A young girl lost her life in Marange,” said Hwende on Saturday afternoon. “Zanu PF is paying these so called influencers USD$10 000 and a car to endorse the theft and plunder of our resources. Refuse to be bought. Join the MDC (Alliance) today and fight for change that will guarantee you a job that will change your life.”

Later on in the night, Hwende escalated his threats against Madam Boss by demanding that MDC Alliance supporters must expose and stop “following” corporates that have endorsement deals with the comedienne. Hwende even listed the companies by name.

“The following companies that have endorsement deals with Madam Boss must speak out against the conduct of their ambassador. We want #justiceformemory and to end #EndChildMarriage . Let’s tag them until they do the right thing: Nash Paints, NetOne, Primket Travel and Tours, Skylake Boreholes, Elaine Solar, Senditoo and Nyaradzo,” said Hwende.

And Hwende wasn’t done yet.

He continued all night urging more party members to unfollow Madam Boss, who commands over 1 million followers on Facebook alone, most of whom must be young people considering the type of content she shares. Hwende even endorsed the comments of some of his followers who heeded his call.

“I have just “unliked” Nashtvzimbabwe and Skylake borehole drilling,” said one Hardlife Mudzingwa. “It’s not that I matter but I stand strongly against marriage of minors which is correctly captured as rape in our statutes. I cannot stomach unreasoned videos against Memory Machaya. As someone who is engaged on WASH ( water, sanitation and hygiene) I prefer contracting firms that respect sanctity of some of these human rights issues.

“The reason for my action is that I have opted to take a position where I don’t distinguish terrorists from those who habour them.”

In an earlier post while responding to an attacker on her post, Madam Boss denied any links to any politician. “Handisi munhu wemunhu ini, ndiri munhu waJesu (I don’t follow anyone, I’m for Jesus Christ),” she said after being accused of supporting President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana has said following the attacks on Madam Boss, he was now a big fan of her. Mangwana said any negative campaign against the influencer was bound to fail, as did past campaigns by the MDC Alliance against footballer Tino Kadewere and musician Jah Prayzah, among several others.

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