Angry man sets ex-girlfriend’s house on fire

A Bulawayo man ran amok and set alight his ex-girlfriend’s house on Friday night, destroying the house and household property.

Nhamo Ncube is wanted by the police over the incident which occurred in Cowdray Park.

Police say on the night, Nhamo Ncube visited Thembelani Ncube at house number 2045 at around 9pm. He found her preparing a meal outside and started hailing insults, threatening to beat her for not paying attention to his needs.

Ncube was said to have chased away his former lover and remained by the house alone, where he went in and allegedly threw a brazier, setting the property on fire.

Ncube, according to a report prepared by the Bulawayo Fire Brigade who attended the scene, said when her violent ex-boyfriend came threatening her, she called some boys from the neighbourhood to come to her rescue.

“She told the Fire Brigade that when she returned, she found the house on fire and her ex-boyfriend had disappeared. After a few moments, she heard that one of the boys she had called had been stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. She further indicated that her ex-boyfriend will always come to fight her and there was a time when he broke windows and a French door,” read part of the report.

Neighbours also said the two had long separated, according to friends and close neighbours, but Ncube was said to occasionally visit and act violently towards his ex-lover. The neighbours said Ncube has survived many violent incidents from the man and was left with scars all over the body, indicating that she had long been a victim of beatings in the relationship.

A close neighbour, Nick Ndlovu said they knew that the two had problems and Ncube was in the habit of violently threatening Ncube.

“He is a bitter man. We suspect he is jealous that Mrs Ncube no longer loves him. A week does not pass by without him coming here to insult and make noise. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows of his violent behaviour.”

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The matter was reported at Cowdray Park police base. Police officers revealed that Ncube’s repeated violent tendencies were well documented and that last week he was arrested for violence against his former lover.

In related developments, a near riotous situation almost ensued in the same neighbourhood popularly known as “Sign Post” when in an attempt to put out the inferno, the Fire Brigade crew was pelted with stones by a group of drunken youths. When the Fire Brigade personnel arrived at 9.30pm, the youths were trying to douse the fire using water and sand.

“When the Fire Brigade arrived there was a group of drunken youths who were trying to put out the fire using buckets of water and sand. The rowdy drunken youths shouted that they did not need the services of the Fire Brigade. One of them began to stone the fire engine and when the Fire Brigade crew threatened to abandon the mission, the youths calmed down,” the Fire Brigade said in its report.

Police officers stationed at Cowdray Park were immediately called and effected arrests on the youths. ■

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