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Employers rates Zimbabwean universities by quality of graduates

By Mutsa Makuvaza

EMPLOYERS and various organizations in Zimbabwe have ranked the country’s universities according to the quality of graduates they produce in different categories such as commercial degrees, science and engineering degrees, and social work programmes, among others.

In what is a first for Zimbabwe, such employer’s perspective helps students who are looking to enrol for a degree programme to have an idea of what the industry thinks in general.

Top human resource firm Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd of Zimbabwe carried out the survey, published in February 2019, to gauge the perceptions of employers with regard to the quality of graduates coming out of local universities.

Source: Industrial Psychology Consultants

“The survey targeted Human Resources Professionals specifically and extended the invitation to other senior managerial roles,” the firm said in its report accompanying the results.

“These participants were chosen for their experience in recruiting and selecting graduates from local universities and also for working with the graduates. The human resources professionals were also chosen because they are informed by line managers in cases were graduates hired fail to deliver value.”

Source: Industrial Psychology Consultants

Key highlights of the report are that graduates from state universities were rated higher than other universities. On commercial graduates, University of Zimbabwe tops the rankings followed by NUST and MSU.

On Sciences/STEM the NUST tops the rankings followed by UZ and HIT. In the social sciences, UZ tops the rankings followed by MSU and Africa University.

Source: Industrial Psychology Consultants

On work ethic, NUST tops the list followed by UZ and MSU. A further analysis of university graduates based on aptitude tests taken through graduate recruitment shows that HIT graduates have higher General Mental Ability tied with NUST with UZ following.

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Source: Industrial Psychology Consultants

According to Industrial Psychology Consultants, the survey comprised of 103 participants representing 103 organisations from different economic sectors.

The sample size might not be enough for generalizations to be made, IPC admits, but adds that this is a good starting point for institutions to up their game.

Source: Industrial Psychology Consultants

“Most of the participants were from the human resources profession (78%) with the remainder coming from other senior managerial professionals such as Finance Director, Engineering Manager and Head of Marketing.”

Download complete report here.

The rankings could also help the institutions improve on their course curricula to suit the ever changing demands and expectations of the industry that consumes the products of the universities. – Zimbabwe Voice

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