Mliswa says Chiyangwa has captured the Second Republic

NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) has claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration allowed the struggling economy to be captured by a minority leaving the majority of Zimbabweans struggling.

Mliswa took to Twitter to create a sixteen thread post lambasting the government for allowing foreigners and a few Zimbabweans to capture the economy, reversing the gains of the independence

“The 2nd Republic seem to have a huge appetite to appease a certain section of the population by reversing many of the gains and the status quo people had post-independence, at the expense of the majority. Minorities and foreigners being the greater beneficiaries,” Mliswa said.

He added that the idea that Zanu PF is looking for five million votes was not practical when it is leaving the majority of Zimbabweans behind.

“However, the hypocrisy is that the ruling party is looking for five million votes. Where is this figure expected to be derived from if they’ve not empowered the ordinary person on the ground?

“The minority may be given all the deals and all the money they want. They may even be given the US$140 million for the election campaign, but I can tell you this, the 5 million voters they need to win the election will be impoverished so the favour won’t equate to 5 million votes.

“People know what they want, they’ve understood this government. At times you may think they don’t but Zimbabweans are very interesting people. They’ll keep quiet and observe in peace but I can tell you that they’ll speak and they like to speak once,” he said.

Mliswa accused the regime of allowing people like Delish Nguwaya, a close associate of Mnangagwa, who is facing corruption allegations to walk freely.

He also expressed his displeasure with Zanu PF’s decision to appoint businessman Philip Chiyangwa as chairman of a fundraising committee expected to raise US$140 million for election campaigns ahead of the 2023 elections.

“All that’s going on, the corruption where some senior cops are corrupt with impunity, where those like Nguwaya etc are exposed, dockets exist on them but they don’t go to court. Who on the other hand, are busy instigating others appearing before the courts over trivial matters,

“The prevalence of human rights violations where there’s selective application of the law. Where you’ve the likes of Philip Chiyangwa appointed to fundraise although he has a litany of allegations against him. NSSA, being one such eg. where he has people’s money off a murky deal

“It’s a problem if he cannot account for such funds. With all due respect, Philip has failed to even raise money for his own properties as many of them remain unfinished. So what message is being sent to the people?

“Two economies exist, 1 based on an auction rate of 85 and the other on 140. The real 1 is the 140 one but it’s not talked about. Attempts are made to suppress it. People know about it though, no matter how great the reviews presented, it doesn’t alter the fact 2 economies exist

“That’s the truth of the matter. It’s therefore important that politicians know this. Leadership should know all this builds up to 2023. People are taking note ans will speak about it through the ballot box. The minority will never have the numbers or the ability to win elections,” he added. □

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