Seh Calaz praises Macheso as collabo track Hucheche is released

ZIMDANCEHALL exponent Seh Calaz, who turned 31 today, has collaborated with sungura kingpin Alick Macheso for the first time on the song Hucheche which is part of the chanter’s 12-track album titled Terera Ngoma released yesterday.

In an interview, Boss Yala, as the chanter is fondly know , hailed Macheso for taking his time to put a voice on his song.

“It was a privileged experience and I learnt a lot about humility and the seriousness with which he treats his craft. Nothing is taken for granted when it comes to Macheso.

“He showed me the other side of entertainment side which I did not know. Whenever you are with him, he will be teaching you and giving you advice. I have shared the stage with him several times and we have a mutual understanding.

“Special thanks go to his manager Tich Makahamadze for making this project a success. We experienced powercuts but he was patient with me and even he was able to record in Mbare at Yalanation Studios,” he said.

Seh Calaz in the studio with sungura kingpin Alick Macheso

He added: “The song Hucheche featuring Macheso talks about how we grew up thinking life is easy and not realising how our parents were going through for our sake. I was raised by a single mother in Mbare and my mother used to work at the City Council.

“She was also active in politics and my background was not even rosy. My mother and my grandmother told me that I used to like music, dancing and at primary level i was in the school choir, traditional dance.

“Probably not everyone knows that I was also in the Christ Embassy Church choir as well. I am turning 31 tomorrow (today) dzekuchengetwa naMwari and i owe all the success to God,” he said.

“All along i was blind until the day i started my own family, being a father comes with responsibilities. Mwari vanoziva its a song which talks about my death rumours. I am confirming that I am still alive and Mwari vanoziva zvavakandisikira.”

The Mbare bred chanter who celebrates first birthday after Soul Jah Love’s birthday said life will never be the same.

“Its a tough one, we should celebrate each other while we are still alive. The legend is in a better place now, rest in peace Ngwendeza.

“Soul Jah Love is irreplaceable. The best we can do is to continue to make music like we are doing and that way we can honour his legacy,” he said.

Seh Calaz with sungura kingpin Alick Macheso

The Mumota Murikubvira singer also urged ghetto youths to desist from drugs, prostitution and other social evils.

“I think at this moment all we need is hope. I know we have been hoping for a long time but we can’t give up. Believe in God and don’t forget to pray

“Don’t forget to love one another life is too short, Covid-19 is real please practice all the precautions and above all go and get vaccinated. Don’t give up, stay away from dugs this is not the end.”

Calaz said he faced some powercuts when he was recording this album. “Lockdown measures (curfew) electricity and financial constraints affected me so badly. It’s been full of ups and downs but the biggest lesson we get is that there is no substitute for hard-working and you must believe yourself before anyone else.

“Like any other project you face material and financial but we are glad we completed the job,” he said.

Some of the his previous album Bhanditi Rebirth, Jamba Ngoma, Love Story, Lover Reggae, Manhe Mari Yacho Toita Sei, Kudhonza Maropes and Soul Jah Love Tribute among others.

Calaz who has been in the music industry for long period said he suffered a lot to be where he is today.

“I am one of the most talked controversial artiste zvese ndiriko, I have had my bad days and i thank vanhu vainditema nekundishora ndovandisvitsa pandiri nhasi, it’s been years many people are wishing to see my downfall but handimire attack Japan, I have been up and I have been down and between.

“Promoters we’re all with you zvichanaka varungu one day and my fellow artistes keep on producing good music,” he said.

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