Half-naked CIO agent, civilian lady and cop die in horrific accident

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed a horrific accident in which a half-naked Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent and a female passenger died while at the back of a vehicle they were travelling in near Marondera.

The accident also claimed a police detective who was driving the Mazda 3 at the time of the horrific accident which also involved a truck.

Police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, while confirming the accident, castigated people who took the photos and shared them around.

“The ZRP can confirm a road traffic accident which occurred at the 60km peg along Harare-Mutare Road.

“The victims are a male individual from the President’s Office, another a male police officer and a female civilian. The accident involved a Mazda 3 and a truck whose driver survived with some injuries,” said Nyathi.

According to online publication ZimLive, the Mazda 3 sedan was being driven by Detective Sergeant Benson Chingawo of Juru Police Camp when it collided with a truck near Watershed in Marondera just after midnight on Monday.

Chingawo died on the spot together with CIO agent Batsirai Maposa and a woman identified as Franny Onai Zinyuku. Maposa and Zinyuku were passengers in the back seat, but it is that state their bodies werw found in that got the photos trending.

In the pictures, Maposa is without his trousers on and Zinyuku’s dress is raised above her waist. She appeared to have been lying across the seat at the time of impact, while Maposa was in a sitting position.

“About the two half-naked people at the back seat, we’re still investigating the circumstances and we urge people who rush to accident scenes to avoid taking pictures,” Nyathi said.

“People who arrive first at accident scenes should try to offer help, instead of rushing to take pictures for social media glory.”

Nyathi said they had recovered money from Zinyuku’s belongings, but he would not disclose the amount. □

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