55 children and 6 wives… Chitungwiza grandpa (73) still wants more

CHITUNGWIZA-based traditional healer Amos Kafera, aged 73, is proud of his 55 children and six wives saying he takes good care of all of them such that none of them has ever begged for food from neighbours.

He his huge family is a sign of virility, and says he is always working hard to feed and educate every member of his family.

The outspoken traditionalist’s eldest child is 49 while the youngest with his youngest wife – Rose – is 15 months old.

“I am proud of my family and it has grown to be one big happy family through the years.

“All my six wives get along very well and I have never neglected responsibility on any of my children numbering 55 and counting. It has never been an easy road educating most of them who are leading their lives with their families outside my compound,” said Kafera.

He identifies his wives by their totems with his first wife as MaMpofu #1, MaMpofu #2, MaMoyo #1, MaMoyo #2, Mai Dennis, Martha and Rose.

He claims none of his children or wives have been exposed to Covid-19 since the break of the pandemic in December 2019.

“I am happy to say that none of my family members, young or old has been exposed to Covid-19, the family is big and we have been practicing safe health.

“I have been receiving patients and we advise them to always wear their masks, sanitize and make sure there is safe distance between them and any of my family members,” he said.

Kafera has also warned against impersonators who are targeting his clients.

“None of my wives, children or brothers possesses the traditional knowledge to heal such as mine. I work alone and I have never left Chitungwiza running away from Covid-19 like someone pretending to be me is claiming.

“I want to warn my clients from all over against con artistes going by the name Chimwanje Kafera who are asking them to send money via ecocash as if they are dealing with me.

“I deal with all my clients face to face and I have never asked for money from a client through social media,” he said.

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