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POLA leaders fall over each other praising ED Mnangagwa

By Mutsa Makuvaza

TWO days after they were handed brand new Isuzu D-Max vehicles, principals of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) have literally gone into a bootlicking frenzy saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a visionary leader whose policies must be supported by every progressive Zimbabwean.

Mnangagwa on Friday handed over 19 vehicles to leaders of fringe political parties which participated in the 2018 presidential election. POLAD was established by Mnangagwa in 2018 as a platform to engage with other presidential election candidates in that year’s election.

Nesbert Mtengezanwa, the POLAD spokesperson, said as political parties they are committed to the successful implementation of all national programmes as he also commended the Government for containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As POLAD we acknowledge the great work on the ground where Government led by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, has embarked on a massive vaccination programme, whose success is not only a marvel to our neighbours in the African continent, but to the globe at large as acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO),” he told State-owned The Herald newspaper.

“On behalf of my colleagues and all POLAD principals, we wish to express our profound gratitude to you your Excellency for your visionary leadership in establishing the POLAD platform.

“Together, we see POLAD as your vision of creating an enduring foundation for the establishment of lasting peace, harmony, unity and prosperity for the well-being of our nation.”

POLAD chairperson on International Relations and Re-engagement Committee, Divine Hove said President Mnangagwa has done extremely well in fighting the pandemic.

“It is now the responsibility of the Zimbabwean citizens to complement his effort by adhering to Covid-19 World Health Organisation protocols,” Hove said.

Another POLAD principal, New Patriotic Front party president Welcome Shumba said all political party leaders should play a role in fighting the pandemic.

“We cannot leave President Mnangagwa alone in fighting the pandemic, while we are watching from the terraces. It is the role of all political party leaders to educate the people on the need for vaccination. The pandemic knows no boundary” said Shumba.

NCA president Lovemore Madhuku receives brand new vehicle from President Mnangagwa

This comes as opposition LEAD president Linda Masarira told media Sunday that her party will “definitely” join POLAD because all progressive political players in Zimbabwe must sit at the table with the Head of State and share ideas that help improve livelihoods, bring about electoral reforms and grow the economy.

Self-exiled former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo described the vehicles as; “wages of treachery”.

“Wages of treachery. Lovemore Madhuku received a “thank you” Isuzu Max-D from Mnangagwa for enabling him to steal the 2018 poll, as one of the wannabe presidential candidates who contested without polling agents,” Moyo said.

Madhuku is the president of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA).

In response to the criticism, Madhuku once a fierce government critic said; “The vehicle is from the Government of Zimbabwe. I am a political leader in Zimbabwe. I lead a party called NCA. The NCA believes in the POLAD philosophy. I believe in the POALD philosophy. The vehicle will help me to spread the POLAD approach and build the NCA Wait and see.”

Mnangagwa told the POLAD principals the vehicles should only be used for “political or development work”.

“The vehicles have been made identifiable and make sure they carry the dignity of POLAD. You are not going to use them as you see fit, except that it must be for political work of development,” he said.

“Down the line, of course, the other purpose belongs to POLAD now that they are given to each political party. After three years, we will then review and make sure that they belong to you.”

However, MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has said he will not join POLAD.

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