Malawi’s President Chakwera teaches MDC Alliance supporters a lesson

By Benjamin Hamadzehwahwa

THERE is a price to pay for those who hero-worship politicians, as the recently elected Malawi President Lazarus begins to show his true colours.The main agenda in politics is self gain which politicians will keep as a secret to the public until endorsed to lead.

As a student of natural politics and not political science, I have given myself one main principle which is to condemn any form of rot either from opposition or sitting government. A rot will remain a rot regardless of who is the perpetrator.

Currently with unfolding events in our sister nation Malawi, open minded people can agree politicians are deceitful. The same politician who fought to become a transparent President of Malawi condemning nepotism, misplaced priorities of public funds, underdeveloping of the nation etc within few months in office has already started showing his true mentality by appointing of her own daughter as a diplomat of Malawi.

This is a clear act of nepotism, among other questionable appointments Chakwera has made of late.

His Cabinet is made up of close family and friends. The last one which is a joke is travelling to the UK citing network problems in his home country and with a list of delegates to attend an online conference from a London hotel.

Malawians are crying now that the man who has the obligation to upgrade Malawi internet has no such intentions but to travel to London to access better internet network coverage.

One can say, truly speaking, Africa is cursed.

It never rains for the Malawians. As, Zimbabweans we are good at condemning rot in Zanu-PF undemocratic way of governance but when done by mdc it’s justifiable and to my side that nonsensical and stupidity.

You will hear people from my nation justifying dictatorship mindset in Nelson Chamisa and think he will repent when he commands the army and the police that madness. A man who refuses to uphold the constitution of an independent organization he belongs to cannot he be trusted that when he becomes President of Zimbabwe he will honor our national constitution.

Do you think Chamisa as a leader who will be controlling all the organs of our security sector will be whipped to order if he pursues his dictatorship tendencies?

In Zimbabwe if you stand up to condemn such rot in opposition you will be crucified by those who are politically blind and being fooled by those with hidden agenda.

If you want to prove it just tell MDC Alliance supporters that the MDC-advocated sanctions are not good for the nation and they must be condemned the same way you condemn corruption. They will lampoon you and call you murakashi.

If we fight for democracy let there be democracy for everyone not not democracy reserved for MDC Alliance only.

Marvelous Nakamba, Tino Kadewere, Passion Java, Madam Boss and many more are victims of harassment from MDC Alliance hooligans who believe democracy is associating with Nelson Chamisa only.

For Zimbabwe to be on the right track it needs a lot of people sitting on the fence with no support of political parties or individuals but supports whatever is good for Zimbabwe. As of now Zimbabwe has the largest number of political bootlickers. The same obtains in Zanu-PF where Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube tells us of budget surplus but gives no incentives for lockdown-affected citizens.

Zanu-PF supporters claim there is budget surplus, yet the Government cannot feed the elderly and most vulnerable.

Zimbabweans must not allow themselves to be trapped by these crooked politicians serving self interest. Be a fence sitter; don’t guarantee any politician or political party your vote.

Let politicians work for your vote because in the end, it’s the voter who suffer when promised deliverables do not come around. Malawi teaches us valuable lessons. – Zimbabwe Voice. ■

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