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Mudenda joins Iran in blasting US sanctions

ZIMBABWE and Iran have jointly slammed the sanctions imposed on their separate economies by the United States and its allies, describing the restrictive measures as economic terrorism.

This came out after Iranian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Abbas Navazani and Speaker of Zimbabwean House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda met this week in Harare.

Mudenda described the US as an unrepentant violator of human rights and a country which undermines rights of black people.

Both sides reviewed bilateral, regional and international issues in a meeting in Herarث on Tuesday.

They discussed the two countries’ various capacities in political, economic and technology fields and emphasized the importance of parliamentary diplomacy and the role of parliamentary friendship groups in reinforcing bilateral relations.

They underlined developing cooperation in international bodies, fighting US’ unilateralism and efforts in line with neutralizing US’ economic terrorism.

The effectiveness of US and Western sanctions remains a hugely debatable issue, as they have never resulted in a change of Government for the two nations. In any case, observers say sanctions entrench the ruling regime and increase the incidents of corruption by breeding a crop of rich individuals used the the ruling elites as “sanctions busters”.

While the Ian Smith Government used Tiny Rowland to bust sanctions and made him one of the richest people of his era in the world, the ZANU-PF administration under President Mnangagwa has leaned on businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei in what many see as a corrupt relationship. □

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