Yes, we are Harare and we don’t care about all you artistes!

MANY artistes saying people from Harare don’t care about artistes from other areas. Truth is : look we don’t care. It’s true. We don’t run a care home. We run an industry that responds to what the people want.

Ask Andy Muridzo. When he was rocking we cared when things changed we didn’t. Josphat Somanje was fully booked during haulume and now haalume.

People from different places come to Harare not looking for care but a big break. It’s not a sympathy vote. It’s dog eat dog. Mukudzeyi came from Uzumba not seeking care but to fight and win. Freeman came from Mash Central for the same. Sandra Ndebele came from Bulawayo seeking a piece of the cake and not care. Chamunorwa Nebeta left Masvingo to wrestle a spot in the limelight armed with his talent and sightless eyes. He didn’t let blindness blur his internal vision.

Most successful artistes left their rural outposts in search of fame and relevance in Harare. It’s called Harare for a reason. Hatirari kuno. We don’t sleep. We don’t moan and cry and feel sorry for ourselves. Our enemies try to bury us and we shame them by reinventing ourselves. We are wild animals. Harare is not your mother.

Harare has no care and love. You go to a care home when you are old. When you are young you should be ruthless and aggressive. Any artiste who thinks you make it onto a poster based on some geographical quota system is just setting themselves up for failure. Some out of Harare artistes have less balls than Sandra Ndebele. She came and grabbed Harare by the balls. Decades later she’s still a big deal.

Harare has no ‘people’ as others keep saying ‘people from Harare.’

It has fighters who followed a railway line from Nyasaland seeking success. It has people who walked from Mozambique and herded cattle along the way with funny mocked accents who ignored the ridicule and arrived to claim a spot. It has people from Hwange who came and claimed a stake. It has Trevor Ncube and Bakari and Philip Mataranyika and people from beyond who came and claimed a spot.

You don’t expect that when they wake up every morning to make their dream come true they’d worry about someone they left back home and if their dreams are coming true. Who dares wins. Harare is one province out of a total 10.

Harare is a state of mind. Come here for a month and you’ll either leave or your mindset will shift and you will become a relentless hustler! – Zimbabwe Voice

  • Written as a Facebook post by Robert Mukondiwa. We have reproduced with his permission.

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