Open letter to Office of the President on vehicle parking near Munhumutapa

Dear OPC, City of Harare and Zimbabwe Republic Police

I wish to draw your attention towards the unauthorised parking of vehicles on the stretch between S. Muzenda St/SNujoma St (Fourth St/2nd St ), on Hardwick House along Samora Machel and Charter House on the corner of J Nyerere/S Machel and, last but not least, on Linquenda House along Nelson Mandela.

The vehicles parked there are overcrowding the areas which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the other drivers who are passing through the area.

What I do not seem to understand, is does our local authorities and the police have one law for citizens and another law for government officials? Why is the City of Harare authorities and council employees allowing this kind of behaviour to go un abated. To make it worse there are no City park authorities to issue tickets in these areas.

I am also asking the Office of the President and Cabinet to reign in these individuals who are breaking the law with impunity. We should not have government officials who should be following the law by the book and leading by example breaking the laws that they have put in place.

That is a NO NO.

As a law abiding citizen I am calling for the law enforcement agencies to immediately ticket, clamp and tow away these law breakers who are disgracing the Zimbabwean Government and bring sanity to the sunshine city.


Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

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