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Linda Masarira implores Govt to impose a tougher level 5 lockdown

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  • Masarisa says the country's health infrastructure was now stretched thin and unable to cope, echoing sentiments shared by St. Anne's Hospital's Dr Tinashe Gede a few days ago.

ZIMBABWEAN opposition leader Linda Masarira urges Government to scale the lockdown restrictions a notch up and impose a level 5 lockdown to contain the rising Covid-19 cases which have now spread to rural areas.

Zimbabwe has been under lockdowns of various degrees since March 2020, but the highest level of lockdown the country has had is level 4.

Masarira says the country’s health infrastructure was now stretched thin and unable to cope, echoing sentiments shared by St. Anne’s Hospital’s Dr Tinashe Gede a few days ago. St. Anne’s is one of the country’s dedicated Covid-19 medical facilities and is accessible to members of the public.

“The government of Zimbabwe should consider going to level 5 of the lockdown, there are no two ways about it,” Masarira said Thursday morning. “Cases are increasing by the day and we don’t have the capacity to deal with them. So many of us are out of touch with the reality of what is actually happening on the ground in regard to Covid-19.”

The LEAD president did not, however, specify what restrictions she want added to the existing ones. Government recently ordered 90 percent of its staff to work from home and all companies offering essential services to also scale down on active workforce.

Early this week, Dr Gede, who works at St. Anne’s Hospital in Avondale, Harare, urged people to focus more on prevention of the disease as once hit, chances of making it out are narrow. He recorded a video (watch below) which has since trended on social media, saying patients must seek proper healthcare once infected.

He said that the majority of patients coming into hospital do so when it would be too late to save the situation. Some would have first wasted time trying unconventional methods to treat themselves, said the medical doctor.

DR Gede called on Zimbabweans to focus more on preventing the disease, including sanitizing, social distancing and staying at home as per lockdown guidelines. In any case, Dr Gede said he country’s medical facilities can barely cope and are overwhelmed with the numbers, hence it was important to emphasize on prevention.

Watch the video below:

Dr Gede is a specialist of Internal Medicine who did his residency in the United States and returned to practice medicine in Zimbabwe. He is actively involved in TB and crypto meningitis projects and is also a consultant at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Child Care said as at 21 July 2021, Zimbabwe had 91 120 confirmed cases, including 59 627 recoveries and 2 809 deaths To date, a total of 1 292 642 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The country recorded 2 705 new cases and 62 deaths in the last 24 hours, but the actual figures are believed to be up to six times higher as most data in rural communities are not captured. – Zimbabwe Voice

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