‘I never married Chiwenga for his money’ – Marry Mubaiwa speaks out

MARRY Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has revealed the pain going on inside her heart as she celebrates a lonely 40th birthday today, without her husband and her children.

The Vice President claimed Marry – with whom he has three children – had become a drug addict. He grabbed their children, evicted her from the matrimonial home and got her arrested for attempted murder.

But in startling revelations yesterday, the former model said she married Zimbabwe’s second most powerful politician out of love and not for his material wealth. The two married in 2011 after both walked out of their previous marriages in equally dramatic ways. Marry dumped former Zimbabwean international footballer Shingi Kawondera to land in Chiwenga’s arms, but the marriage ended in tears.

“As I turn 40 tomorrow, I thank God for the life that he has thrown at me, the weight I have had to carry, the humiliation that I suffered at the hands of my other half, the baseless accusations and the weight of his instructions and authority,” she poured out her heart yesterday.

“I didn’t marry the material wealth, I married the wealth that was in his heart, the gentle touch of his hand, the knowledge of God, his understanding of what my heart wanted… He understood the person that I was, the me that I am today, focused, forgiving and forward-thinking.”

Marry the proceeded to claim that all her love for the former Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander had brought her pain, and that God was nowhere near when she needed Him most.

“I am going to be 40 tomorrow (today) and just wishing and wanting and waiting for my children Tendai, Christian and Michael to be with me. What kind of a father denies his children which he claims to love the right to be with their mother and vice-versa. Where is God when you need him?” said Marry.

She is fighting at the courts to get custody of her three children who have remained under the Chiwenga’s custody for over a year. The former model is also battling lymphoedema, a chronic condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissues.

Besides her divorce trial, Mubaiwa has several criminal charges before the courts, which arose in 2019, and 2020 on the back of her bitter fallout with her husband.

The charges include attempting to murder Chiwenga while he was hospitalised in South Africa, forging signatures in a bid to formalise her marriage to the Vice President, money laundering, and assaulting the estranged couple’s childminder.

All the criminal charges are still before the courts.

However, since she is turning 40, Marry is urged to remember that all she ever faced in her life was just a fleeting illusion. As they say, life begins at 40. Hers has just started!

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