Zimra officer releases music album

MULTI-TALENTED Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officer, Edmore Zviripi (40) based at Beitbridge Border Post has released a mixed genre nine-track album titled Chapwititi backed by his Jovial Sounds Band.

The album has different Zimbabwean origin sounds such as sungura, jiti, soul, chimurenga and gospel, among others. It also contains love ballads including the title track Chapwititi and Handicheuke.

Zviripi, who draws inspiration from the likes of the late Marshall Munhumumwe, says that he mixed genres on the album to provide fans with a total package.

“Some like gospel and others like other types of music, so I took that into consideration to compose a one-stop album catering for all,” he said.

Zviripi said the late American pop icon Michael Jackson and African reggae great Lucky Dube were his idols on the international stage. Zviripi said he had big dreams in the showbiz industry.

“My compositions come in the form of dreams and I then write the songs. I discovered my artistic talent when I was doing Advanced Level in Harare, but I explored the talent while at Mutare Polytechnic and from there I never looked back,” he said.

“Apart from music, I am also into print art, I can design logos and can also paint. I feel I have the potential to grow in this local arts industry.”

The album, recorded at Trutone studios in Harare, opens with the song Tendai Musiki, where the singer praises the creator for all his gifts including a good job, the singing prowess and family. In the song, he also prays for other artistes to live longer, including sungura giant Alick Macheso, whom he said he had great respect for, alongside Chimurenga maestro Thomas Mapfumo, the late Oliver Mtukudzi and Biggie Tembo, among others.

The song Chapwititi sees a man travelling all over the world in search of real love only to find it back home. Prominent in Chapwititi is the lead guitar which introduces and prepares the listener for almost eight minutes of listening.

Handicheuke explores the life of lovers who meet several challenges including jealousy. The man in Handicheuke reassures his partner that he won’t look any further. Towards the end, the song picks a flare of the pennywhistle coupled with a strong bass input from Anclem Kahoto, Cephas Mabhara and Jonathan Mgazi.

Zvangu Zvauya has a pure chimurenga beat which maintains rhythmic mbira and a blend of Christian gospel to traditional spirit appeasement all in one.

“The song inspires people to follow their dreams just like the biblical Joseph and several leaders have done. I mention our traditional totems like the big five animals to include our historical way of worshipping our gods,” Zviripi said.

Hwendefa is a religious song and refers to the rock Moses was given which bore the 10 commandments. The song tells a story of those viewed as criminals, witches and ritualistic, the aged and some business persons perceived to be using juju, yet are also victims crying for justice.

The song Rova Ngoma, is total jiti, it speaks about why people should work hard for success and not take advantage of other persons.

Ananias and Sapphira is a song on the rise of false prophets and enrichment of oneself by robbing innocent believers. Other songs on the album are Jikinya and Our Children.

Working at the demanding station of Beitbridge, Zviripi said he utilised all his spare time to make things work. He is married to Angeline and blessed with two children.

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