Chiredzi’s Chief Tshovani succumbs to Covid-19

CHIREDZI paramount chief, Chief Tshovani has succumbed to Covid-19-related complications this morning. Chief Tshovani (75), born Hlaisi Mundau died this morning at Colin Saunders Hospital in Triangle.

Chiredzi District Development Coordinator Lovemore Chisema confirmed the long-serving chief’s death.

Chisema mourned the late Chief as a proponent of development in his area saying the district has been engulfed by a dark cloud following Chief Tshovani’s death.

The late chief assumed the reign in 1995 and was one of the longest-serving chiefs in Masvingo province. A devout traditionalist, Chief Tshovani was known for his strict push for his subjects to uphold the Shangaan culture. He was a famous proponent of the circumcision rites annually practised by Shangaans who predominately populate east and southern parts of the Lowveld.

The chief’s embracing of circumcision was lauded for being key in the fight against HIV and Aids.

Chiredzi is arguably the district worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic with runaway positive cases having been reported over the past few weeks prompting Government to declare the area a hotspot of the disease.

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