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The secret to celebrities looking younger!

Many among us believe that water is just water. That there is not much difference between tap water and bottled water.

But for Mpumalanga woman, Mav Nong (47) water is her life and the type of water she and her children drink makes a difference in her life.

New water technology has been introduced to the world, and celebrities Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and tennis player Maria Sharapova have unlocked the hidden secret to youthfulness.

South African celebrity health expert Mav Nong reveals the secret.

After years of suffering from an unexplained body odour, Mav was advised by her doctor, Dr. Mabasa to look into the type of water she consumes.

“At first I did not take her seriously because according to me metse ke metse (water is water). But every time I visited my doctor, which was often, she would give 5 liters of Kangen water, which is ionized water similar to that found in the mountains. Almost like the type of water we used to drink before civilization,” Mav says.

“I am not a person who believes in miracles or does not believe anything that can’t be scientifically proven. After weeks of drinking the water, I saw a lifestyle change. I stopped having body odour, I had more energy and I educated myself on the different types of water and how they can affect our health.”

Mav took it upon herself to learn about water and the different types of water.

She changed her lifestyle and only drinks Kangen water.

She has since started a Kang water business where she supplies people across the country with Kangen water machines which they plug into their taps at home and have constant running ionized water.

“They never have to buy bottled water, as the chemicals used to make the bottles are bad for the environment and our health,” she says.

Mav has been supplying underprivileged homes with Kangen water and those who have ailing to assist in boosting their immune system.

“The water is purified and has vitamins and minerals. It removes toxins from the body caused by day-to-day city living and diets. What brings me more joy is not just making my living and making an income from the water, but also being able to help people live healthy and fruitful lives,” she says. The water can be used by children, on plants and animals. Sunday World

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