SCARM ALERT! Ziverdo Kit does NOT treat Covid-19

The Ziverdo Kit to treat COVID-19 is being actively promoted on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Here is an example of an advertisement, suggesting that the Ziverdo Kit is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and it easily treats COVID-19.

Scam Alert : Ziverdo Kit Against COVID-19

People are worried about the surge in new COVID-19 cases and deaths from the Delta variant, which is highly-transmissible and appears to be partially resistant to vaccines.

Unfortunately, scammers are capitalising on our fear to sell fake cures, and the Ziverdo Kit is one of them.

Here are the FACTS…

Fact #1 : Ziverdo Kit Is Not WHO Approved

Scammers added the WHO logo to their advertisement to suggest that it is approved by the World Health Organisation.

The truth is – the WHO does not approve of ivermectin as a treatment or prevention for COVID-19.

The WHO certainly did not approve the Ziverdo Kit for use against COVID-19.

Fact #2 : WHO Advises That Ivermectin Be Used Only In Clinical Trials

On 31 March 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised that ivermectin be used only in COVID-19 clinical trials.

The current evidence on the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients is inconclusive. Until more data is available, WHO recommends that the drug only be used within clinical trials.

Did WHO Really Confirm COVID-19 Is Airborne?

Fact #3 : Ivermectin NOT Proven To Treat / Prevent COVID-19

Ivermectin has only been shown to work against COVID-19 in lab (in vitro) studies, but does NOT appear to improve clinical outcomes or prevent transmission.

That is why the WHO and the vast majority of health authorities around the world DO NOT advocate using ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19.

Fact #4 : Ziverdo Kit NOT Proven To Treat / Prevent COVID-19

The Ziverdo Kit treatment, which you can see below, has NEVER BEEN TESTED, much less proven to work against COVID-19.

The Ziverdo Kit treatment protocol you see below is simply made up, with no evidence that this combination or protocol does anything to treat or prevent COVID-19.

Scam Alert : Ziverdo Kit Against COVID-19

Fact #5 : Ziverdo Kit Is NOT FDA Approved

Their website claims, “you can be sure that the best would be what the FDA would approve“, suggesting that the Ziverdo Kit is approved by the US FDA.

The truth is the Ziverdo Kit is NOT approved by the US FDA. You can verify this by searching the US FDA database yourself.

The individual drugs may be US FDA approved, but the Ziverdo treatment protocol is NOT approved by the FDA.

The FDA certainly does not advocate using Zinc, Ivermectin and Doxycycline against COVID-19 as the Ziverdo Kit website suggests.

Ziverdo Kit US FDA search results

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