WATCH | Woman collapses and dies in Bulawayo CBD

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

A middle-aged woman has died under mysterious circumstances in Bulawayo CBD as she was heading into a pharmacy.

The woman who was accompanied by a relative at the time of her death was reported coming from consulting a doctor when she met her death.

She died at the corner of 10th Avenue and Fort Street in the Bulawayo city centre at around 12 noon. Onlookers tried to summon an ambulance but did not get any response in time.

“The lady seemed very young, maybe in her late twenties thereabout. She was in the company of an older woman. It was around past 12. As they nearing that turn by Homelink she fell,” said a witness who asked not to be named.

“The older woman she was with then asked for help. We assisted her to call for an ambulance. They kept saying they were coming. While awaiting the ambulance she told us they were coming from seeing a doctor and they were on their way to get medication from a pharmacy before heading home.”

The witness said an ambulance only came an hour later and certified her dead.

“The ambulance arrived around 1:30, an hour after we had made the call. If they had come early maybe she would have gotten help,” narrated the witness.

“The ambulance people are the ones who covered her with the red blanket. We then assisted the older woman to call the police. They then arrived together with the city council staff who then fumigated the body.”

The video below was shared by the Chronicle newspaper.

Details regarding the identity of the woman and the nature of her illness were not immediately available. ■

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