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Husband, wife strip naked: ‘Nudity helps us relax and de-stress’ | PHOTOS

SOUTH African naturist Vongani Nkuna says naturism has brought him and his family peace and happiness.

Naturism is a lifestyle based on the practice of social nudity as well as respect for the natural environment. The term is often used interchangeably with nudism. Nudists and naturists participate in various social activities without clothes in designated areas.

Nkuna and his wife adopted the naturism lifestyle in 2015 after experiencing what he described as an ‘existential crisis’. He says he was looking for more excitement and fulfilment in his life when he discovered naturism online.

Naturist Vogani Nkuna says he feels most comfortable completely naked.

“I think it was more about a novel activity to do at first”, he tells CapeTalk host Sara-Jayne King.

Nkuna says going naked has been a therapeutic and healing experience for him and his wife.

The pair have visited a number of serene nudist resorts where they get to socialise with like-minded people who practice nudism.

When did get there for the first time, we were in an environment naked with other people in a natural space… I felt much happier in the space.

Vongani Nkuna, Naturist

Children and toddlers actually enjoy going naked… there’s a reason they enjoy it… We’re missing something here, perhaps even as a society.

Vongani Nkuna, Naturist
Naturist Vogani Nkuna’s wife at a naturist resort in Gauteng.

Nudity does help the mind in terms of relaxing and de-stressing and it does help in terms of finding a happier place and space for yourself.

Vongani Nkuna, Naturist

Before we started going to resorts we were what you call home naturists. We were practicing at home.

Vongani Nkuna, Naturist
Naturist Vogani Nkuna at a naturist resort in Gauteng.

Naturism is about being natural in a natural environment out within nature and then some people say with nudism it’s just about enjoying the feeling of being naked anywhere, wherever, as long as you are naked in that space.

Vongani Nkuna, Naturist

My wife and I started in the lifestyle in 2015. It was I who brought the idea to her because of some of the stresses I was going through in life at that time… I wanted something that would bring an effect where I felt like there is much more to life than this.

Vongani Nkuna, Naturist

It wasn’t easy at first but Nkuna says they quickly became comfortable and let go of their reservations.

Nkuna says he has learned a lot about naturism etiquette and shares his experiences on Weekend Breakfast on CapeTalk FM..

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