Zanu-PF youths invade mine, make off with 1 tonne gold ore

SCORES of youths linked to the ruling Zanu-PF besieged a Shurugwi gold mine owned by businessman Urayayi Marima and escaped with one tonne of gold ore after disarming the security personnel.

Bravo Mine in Wonderer some 10km from Shurugwi Mine was allegedly invaded on Thursday last week and guards at the entity were disarmed.

Midlands Police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko told the Mirror that he is yet to receive the case.

Marima confirmed the incident and said that it happened while he was away in Kwekwe. He said that hordes of youth came in kombis and other cars demanding a shift so that they could mine for gold in the tunnels but they were turned down.

“They thoroughly beat everyone around and disarmed security at the mine before firing bullets into the air. They fled the mine with a tonne of gold ore when they heard that the Police was coming. These youth are using Zanu PF name to try and grab people’s mines.

“To get this mine I went through proper protocols and even engaged Shurugwi North MP Robson Nyathi,” said Marima.

Shurugwi District Co- ordinating Committee (DCC) Secretary for youth affairs Newton Mukunzwe expressed displeasure at the youth for tarnishing the party’s name.

“These youth did not inform or engage any party structure. I was informed that they invaded Bravo Mine singing chimurenga songs.

“Youth should come and engage their leadership over these issues before taking action because if they need a place to mine the DCC will assist so that they don’t terrorise people who have invested a lot of money into their mining claims. Again, we are under covid 19 and everyone should adhere to Covid protocols,” said Mukunzwe. Mirror

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