Snake found inside Toyota Wish in Kwekwe, owner runs away | PHOTOS

By Mutsa Makuvaza

A huge snake was found coiled in a parked Toyota Wish vehicle in Kwekwe CBD, but its owner bolted away and park rangers had to be called in to take the slithering snake away.

The incident brough business to a standstill in the Midlands city.

The incident brough business to a standstill in Kwekwe

A local businessman called in the National Parks to attend to the snake which was slithering around. The spectacle attracted a sizeable gathering.

As onlookers gathered, rangers from ZimParks had to break into the Toyota Wish vehicle to retrieve the snake after its owner disappeared.

The incident brough business to a standstill in Kwekwe

The indicent resembles a case in December 2018 when a kombi driver and his conductor plying the Kwekwe-Gokwe highway sped for their lives after realizing that one of the parcels they were carrying contained a live snake.

Snakes aew associated with witchcraft, wizardry and evil spirits, and their sightings in public places are rare.

More details to follow in an updated article…

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