Man dies on the spot after DNA test confirms son is not his

A Nigerian man allegedly slumped and died on the spot when he found out that he is not the biological father of his son.

In an incident that has been reported widely by Nigerian media this Monday, the man’s close friend, who was with the victim, shared the story on Facebook.

According to him, his friend travelled abroad to seek greener pastures for his wife and son. Unfortunately, he chanced upon a Snapchat video of his wife in bed with a younger man. This prompted him to go back to Nigerian and demand a DNA test on his son. After reading the results, he keeled over and stopped breathing.

His friend said in the video, “As a man if you don’t patronize a prostitute, you will never know if your wife is one. A man who married a woman and they have one child. The man has travelled abroad to work. It is inside Snapchat that he saw one small boy enjoying himself with his wife.

“He called her to question why she would do that because he has built a house and bought a car for her. He threatened to come for everything he bought her and asked her to pack out of the house. The wife said if he dares come to Nigerian, she will have EFCC arrest him. The man got angry and came to Nigerian.

“He rushed to the hospital to do a DNA test because of the love he has for his son. The moment the young man discovered the son isn’t his, he died of cardiac arrest.”

A video has been making rounds on social media with Nigerians expressing disbelieve and shock over the story. Watch video below.

ee reactions below;

@fashion_magicblog wrote; ‘I think churches should make Dtest compulsory before child dedication ,because it so painful when you know later’

@kennedyexcel wrote; If DNA test na compulsory a lot of marriages go scatter, Any man that defeats women wahala has solved half of his problem in life 😉…

@basseychioma wrote; If you know you can’t stay faithful 😢please stay single biko

@naijaplayboi wrote; What women can not do does not exist Maka chukwu

@kerry_bankss wrote; Men do this everyday and even for years Women didn’t die o when the reverse is the case someone is already slumping 😂 Now YALL see what women go through

@nanyakitchen wrote; May we not marry someone that will make us feel pain and regret in marriage. Amen

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