‘I had a one-night stand’ – Harare woman confesses to cheating on hubby of 11 years

A cheating married woman in Harare who was recently dumped by her husband of 11 years is crying foul accusing her husband of setting a honey trap for her.

Brenda Muzhinye’s marriage collapsed after her husband learned of her adulterous shenanigans. The dressmaker from Mt Pleasant had a whirlwind romance with a married man who has only been identified as Farai.

During the 45 days of the affair, Brenda is alleged to have grown distant from her husband Willmote Zembe. After noting her distant behaviour, constant excuses and unexplained absences, Zembe started his own investigations.

He discovered that his wife was now using her dressmaking factory as a love nest to hook up with her lover.  Zembe told local tabloid H-Metro: “

“I never thought my wife would betray the trust I gave her when I suggested to move her factory from home to a better place for her business. Instead of marketing her dresses, she decided to expose her undergarments and conduct sex lessons with Farai. I suspected from her moves, excuses and denying me my conjugal rights that someone was dipping his stick into my well.

Zembe then confronted his wife and she broke down and admitted the affair. However, Brenda claimed that it had only been a one-night stand.

“I discovered that I had no peace within me for cheating my husband for 45 the days I saw Farai behind his back. Guilt conscience forced me to confess to my husband after he asked me why I was denying him his conjugal rights most of the time.

“I told my husband that I had a one night stand with Farai and that did not go well with him.

After learning of the purported one-night stand, Zembe chased away Brenda. She only managed to return after some relatives interceded on her behalf.

“Upon accepting my forgiveness my husband gave me a condition that I was to disclose name and contact numbers of the man I had bedded. After I did that, he chased me away again.

“Hanzi handigare nehure saka nanhasi ndirikurwadziwa pamwoyo nekuzvidemba kuti ndakamuudzirei zvekurara kwangu naFarai.”

Brenda said that she felt betrayed by Farai, who confirmed the affair to her husband and gave him all the chats the two had on WhatsApp. She accused Farai of being a state agent who was used by her husband to honey trap her.

“My life has been ruined and I do not know why Farai decided to add salt on my wound by giving my love messages with him to my husband. I want to believe Farai to be a member of security agencies, was used by my husband to propose and expose me.”

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