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Your trousers are too long!

It’s been a few days after the internationally celebrated Father’s Day which, like every year, sparks debate on the internet with single mothers claiming it to be their day as well since they are playing the fatherly role to their children and men on the other end saying this day specifically belongs to all the men only and those with children whether they are present in their lives or not.

We have also seen a great number of women from all walks of life appreciating their husbands on this special day by buying them gifts, taking them out for meals or even holidays which was a marvel to watch.

For those who were buying their husbands and boyfriends suits as Father’s Day gifts , there has been a trend of almost the same question flooding my inbox. One client of mine, Florence Mabungu who is a Philanthropist and a Commercial Lawyer in Harare sent me a message , “I want to surprise my husband with a suit but I want it to be a perfect fit. What is the right length for the trousers? Is it the same as his jeans?”

In all honesty, the way one chooses to wear their clothes, in this case trousers, totally boils down to an individual’s choice and preference.

Like with everything else in this world, your dressing communicates and sends a message to people when they see you wearing something or a garment in a certain way. This also goes with the psychology of colour and the body shape illusion (we can talk on end about this topic so we will leave it for another day) but like I always say FIT IS KING, your clothes should not be too big or too small but just right.


As a stylist and a fashion consultant, the advice I usually give people is your trousers should not be more than one and a half sizes too long or too short, unless if its intentional. If you keep having to fold your trousers up because its too long or sagging them because they are too short then that’s a problem.

If you are wearing a suit or smart casual trousers like chinos, your trousers ‘break’ or, in simpler terms, when your trousers touch the shoe, it should fold (at most) once if you are an older or professional guy, more conservative gentleman, style conscious and classy.

If it folds twice or more then it sends a message that you are sloppy and you don’t really give much attention to detail. When people look at you, trust me, they notice all those blind spots. It gets worse when you have to step on your trousers hem when walking sweeping the whole floor with it or having to keep pulling it up like you are in a 90’s American rapper music video wearing a suit like a PIMP.

If the trousers are too short that your socks effortlessly show, if its intentional, then it means you are trendy and bold which is more common among the younger guys. Most people will have some socks that would review their taste in fashion like happy or argyle socks which is quite trendy and if you are wearing a business suit then that’s when that argument of “ should your socks match your shoe or your trousers?” to which I always say it should match your trousers  (not with the exactly colour but the same colour family or shade).

Sagging trousers because they are too short will have the same reflection or send the same message as wearing a pair of trousers that is too long consequently it is very important to take your clothes to the tailors for alterations before wearing them. – The Oracles of Mr Rocca ■

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