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Zupco hikes fares by 100 percent

THE Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) has reviewed upwards bus and omnibus fares for urban routes citing viability challenges.

The new fares, which come into effect on Thursday, will see passengers, for most routes now paying double the current rates.

Zupco chief executive officer Everisto Madangwa said the new fares were a cost containment measure by the company.

“High operational costs and frequent price hikes taking place in the country has made us to increase the fares to ensure the company improves service delivery as well as cushion its costs. What the public should however note is that we do not increase our prices all the time, instead after a period of time, ” said Madangwa.

According to a public notice, passengers will now pay $60 per trip for Zupco buses up from $30 while the kombis are now charging $80 up from $50 for a distance of 0 to 20 kilometres, for those travelling a distance of 21 to 30 kilometres they will now pay $90 per trip for Zupco buses up from $45 while kombis will be charging $120 up from $90 and for a distance of 31 to 40 kilometres Zupco buses will now charge $110 up from $60.

According to the national lockdown regulations, Zupco registered buses and kombis are the only ones allowed to offer public transport in the urban areas.

The company has about 500 buses and kombis plying Bulawayo urban routes. – via Sunday News ■

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