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‘Life is more precious than votes’ – Malema supports suspension of by-elections


Tuesday, 29 June 2021

The EFF notes the cancellation of the by-elections, which were set to take place on the 30th of June, by the Independent Elections Commission (IEC).

The EFF has been the only consistent and decisive political organization when it comes to elections and the prioritization of saving lives.

Many have deliberately vulgarized and misrepresented our view, by claiming that the EFF is not ready to contest.

To their disappointment, we have demonstrated over the past weeks and months, that we are the most vibrant and mobilized political organization in South Africa.

Our view is solely grounded on the preservation of life and putting the well-being of South Africans ahead of political interests.

No single vote can ever be more important than the life of that voter. Elections do not happen on the day of voting, alone.

The consequence of Elections, particularly in a developing nation like South Africa, is continued face to face interaction with different communities across the country months before the voting day.

A caring government, which is led by science, not euphoria, would never risk the lives of South Africans by creating an environment for mass spreader events.

Elections are a mass spreader event. No thinking person can disagree with this objective truth.

There can be no effective election programme without large crowds, rallies, door to door campaigns etc.

We supported the lockdown, and even donated the most to the Solidarity Fund, out of all government officials and political organizations.

This reaffirms that our commitment to saving lives transcends empty rhetoric. We put all our efforts and resources where our mouth is.

We also want to warn Cyril Ramaphosa that we will never allow him to stifle political engagement and activity, through harsh lockdowns, whilst at the same time push for the continuation of elections.

Every week he uses the public broadcaster to pursue his propaganda, and blackmail South Africans with Nelson Mandela quotes.

We will never allow the ANC to be the only voice that speaks in South Africa, and the only organization which hosts gatherings.

We will continue to mobilize all stakeholders against the unscientific autocracy of the stepchild of Monopoly Capital and Stellenbosch.

Lockdowns must be accompanied by a substantive plan to vaccinate our people. Lockdowns must also be accompanied by the cancellation and or postponement of elections.

We also reiterate our call for the 2021 Local Government Elections to be postponed and synchronized with National Government Elections.

Synchronization is the most advanced and futuristic ideal because political organizations never have time to efficiently do the work of government as a result of being in a constant state of campaigning.

We call on IEC to divorce its unholy marriage with the African National Congress. The commission must be allowed to apply its mind independently, guided by science, not political favours and expediency.

If the conditions which led to the cancellation of the 30 June by-elections are the same as those of the 27 October LGE, then there can be no sensible reason to cancel the one, but pursue the other.


Vuyani Pambo (National Spokesperson): 066 082 0889
Delisile Ngwenya (National Spokesperson): 066 388 8779
Sixolise Gcilishe (National Communications Manager): 071 142 1663

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