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ZIMRA officials arrested over smuggling of guns

TWO Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officials based at Sango Border Post were arrested in  Chikombedzi after they were allegedly found in possession of  six firearms which they allegedly wanted to hand over to a Mozambican man.

Zimra Sango Border Post Principal officer Wilbert Muneri (36) and Kennedy Mutanhaurwe (31) were nabbed in March 2021 and they are currently in court for trial in Chiredzi facing  possession of dangerous weapons charges.

The State alleges that the two received the firearms from Clive Kadambure and Edmore Manuwere so that they could hand them over to Bertuel, a Mozambican national.

Manuwere who is from Chinhoyi has since been tried and given an 18 months’ sentence by Magistrate Joy Masimba Chikodzero.

It is the State case that on March 15, 2021, Manuwere connived with Kadambure and transferred dangerous firearms from  Chinhoyi to two Zimra officials, Muneri and Matanhaurwe.

The involved firearms were 1 x remingstin 700 riffle, 1 x Gal375, 2 x HH MAC375, 1x Ww MAG458 and 1 x COZMW MAX375.

On their journey, the two allegedly met the Zimra officials (Muneri and Matanhaurwe) at Makambe in  Chikombedzi and Manuwere transferred the guns from the white Toyota owned by his brother-in-law Kadambure into a Mazda B1600 which belongs to Muneri.

The deal went sour after Police got a tip-off and the Zimra officials were nabbed. They revealed that they got the guns from Kadambure and Muneri.

In his defence, Manuwere said that he did not know the contents of the bag since his brother-in-law Kadambure was the owner of the bag and he was only escorting him to Chiredzi.

“On the day my brother-in-law Kadambure asked me to drive him to Chiredzi from Chinhoyi since he was tired and said he wanted to meet someone in Chikombedzi. When we reached Makambe, he asked me to transfer the bag which was at the back seat into a car which had stopped just in front of us. I did not know what was in the bag,” said Manuwere. Mirror

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