Zimbabwe Republic Police say Zimbabwe launders money?

By Dr Masimba Mavaza

Undermining one’s country is the expression of negative emotions directed towards a particular country or negative evaluations of the country as a way to prevent the country from achieving its goals.

Public officials and public figures have placed themselves in the public eye and to that end they should be in the forefront to defend their country and maintain a good name for their country.

Public officials and figures must never make statements which are made with actual malice meaning that the officer either knew the statement was false or acted with reckless disregard for whether it was true or false.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has issued statements which put the name of the country in bad shape. The police has shown the utter lack of patriotism. Patriotism takes hard, thoughtful, informed, dedicated, humble, steady work.

Patriotism means supporting and being responsible for your country your community and all levels of government with your willingness to work.

The case of Drax represented by Delish Nguwaya has seen the treacherous behavior of senior police officers who have accused the Govt of dealing in money laundering. The whole case has shown that we have
police officers who are working daily to tarnish the image of the country. They transmit negative information to the third countries soiling the good name of Zimbabwe hiding behind Interpol laws which they are neither following or respecting.

What has transpired in the Drax case shows a consented effort by senior police officers to embarrass Zimbabwe, it’s president cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and the first family. The police officers concerned in this case abused their powers dragged the first family in the mud and arrested innocent people leaving many families bruised and licking their blood.
Looking at this case on the round it is very clear that the police officers were working against the government in the process putting the nation in disarray.

Their actions is best described as subversive and totally treasonous. Subversion refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or reversed in an attempt to change the established social order and its structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and social norms. So the police in a well orchestrated and well planned way soiled the name of the country in order to settle their personal greedy scores. In this case, being subversive can mean questioning, poking fun at, and undermining the established order in general.

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The issues flows from the case where the police communicated with a third part country Hungary and informed Budapest that the funds which was paid by Zimbabwean government to Drax company was a proceed of money laundering. By saying this without full evidence in this case was to say Zimbabwe as a country was sanctioning money laundering.

This communication was made to Budapest by Assistant Commissioner ObeyLaw Moyo in full connivance with lady ASCOM Grace Ndou who was head of Interpol. It then turned out that the process and treasonous response was sanctioned by the Deputy Commissioner Mutamba working together with Commissioner Charumbira.

These were the supported in a series of Twitter messages by Temba Mliswa the MP for Norton and a journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. The tweets seem very basic only attacking Godwin Matanga. But looking at the Twits at large Temba was being used by a Deputy Commissioner General and some Senior assistant commissioners who are after Matanga’s position.

The behaviour of these police officers shows that the team was practicing Anti-patriotism which is the ideology that opposes patriotism.
The evidence available shows that Matanga has nothing to do with the Drax issue. Actually it was Mutamba who authorised the arrest of Nguwaya after extensive consultation with Temba Mliswa. It turned out the police and Temba became a congress of witches where they had to abuse police powers in order to get a contract which was given to Drax at the same time this was going to set Mutamba to the top post with his team promised rewards. That was not the problem.

The problem is what had they smoked to state that Zimbabwe under president Mnangagwa was practicing money laundering. Was there a political force behind.

The problem with Matanga is that he lacks decision, he is not firm, so the team took advantage of his weakness. Matanga has nothing to do with the matter of DRAX and one wonders why the Mutamba, Mliswa, Charumbira and Magandi axis want to involve him in the DRAX Matter. This smells more than the cooked.

Temba pretends to be fighting for the president yet Temba is the most divisive person out side ZANU PF. He has appointed himself as a chief whip for ZANU PF and by so doing Temba continues to be used by those who have scores to settle against some people in government. Temba has had a go at minister Ziyambi, Temba has tried it again with Tagwirei and for a long time he is after Matanga. The truth behind all this is that there is a team of officers who are friends of Temba and they give Temba information which will be then spread by Temba on Twitter.

Matanga believes his team is doing the right thing, so he continues to defend their actions and refuses to back down, despite harsh criticism and tremendous pressure. Temba Mliswa is on the case involving two million dollars which he claims confidently that was stopped in Budapest Hungary. He further claims that it was payment for PPEs which were valued at no more than 200 thousand dollars. This Mliswa lies with a straight face. Two Million dollars was for performance guarantee of the contract. This had nothing to do with PPEs. Two million dollars refers to a different contract.

Drax has executed the specific Performance by delivering the goods. Without any Evidence Temba avers that the amount of 2 Million was sent from treasury to pay for goods worthy 200 thousand dollars. This case is no longer before the courts but no payment has been done. Temba also reveals that Ass Comm ObeyLaw Moyo the Director of CID issued a letter stopping the transfer of the funds into the Drax nominated account. So ASCOM Moyo just made a decision to stop payment without evidence and teaming up with some senior officers Moyo stopped payment and this action is to be causing great problems for the whole nation.

What motivated him to take such an action which has caused great problems and embarrassed to the entire nation”.? The letter to stop payment portrayed Zimbabwe as a dubious business partner. This has made investors look at Zimbabwe as a Non-performing and lack of respect to its contractual obligations.

Yet this negligence of the government’s contractual obligations was caused by G40 elements within the police force. Even though those who are plotting within the force claim to be very close to the President their actions shows something different. The fact that Temba has the information on his fingertips means that the mole is close to the case.
For far too long Temba Mliswa has masqueraded as a voice against corruption yet the opposite is true.

Temba Mliswa has raised this issue to taint the good name of Zimbabwe and to protect his friends. Temba should be challenged to show how Matanga has been captured by corrupt elements. To the contrary In 2020 Temba was in the forefront of defending senior police officers who were charged of corruption. So who is captured and who is neck high in corruption.

Temba tried unsuccessfully to persuade the VP Chiwenga to have commissioner Douglas Jabulani nyakutsikwa released after he was arrested for conniving with City of Harare officers to acquire land for a friend and relatives unprocedurally. Temba again was in the forefront requesting the release of Director of CID Chrispen Charumbira to be released after he was detained for corruption.
Temba again dragged the name of the president in the mud when he alleged the corrupt officers were aligned to the president which was not true.

Last week Temba was parading with Rushwaya who herself has smuggling cases pending.

Temba who is a strong Allie of Obeylaw Moyo who is on suspension for corruption is always seen mingling with officers and people with questionable behaviour.

Director for CID Magande ,Ass comm Charumbira and other senior officers are using Temba to smear and embarrass our government. The nation should
concentrate on the treacherous behavior of the police involving their evil hand in non-payment of DRAX through their deliberate misrepresentation and falsifying facts to a foreign entity. One wonders why the police culprits are involved in stopping the payment of money put the name of the country and leadership in bad light.

It is very clear that they are not working in the interest of the nation, they are traitors and agents of the regime change agenda. Matanga is merely caught in the cross fire as he is thought not to be protecting and defending them on the action they took of lying about the true nature of that payment of 2 Million Dollars, The subject is money laundering and the lies peddled by the police which lie has caused the non-fulfillment of the government’s obligation.

For us to understand this case let’s look at who is the target in this case. The target in this case is the President of Zimbabwe and his family. Temba fights the president in a very subtle way he took the advantage that his outbursts are taken as madness yet he is delivering blows below the belt.

The whole case shows some treasonous actions by some officers in the police. These are the police officers who targeted the first family through Drax. They then attacked Zimbabwe.

After the Zimbabwe government paid two million dollars for the goods which were already supplied to Natpharm, the Zimbabwean Police through Commissioner A Ndou the the Interpol OIC working together with Deputy Commissioner General Mutamba and ASCOM Charumbira instructed Assistant Commissioner Obeylaw Moyo who was a Deputy Director CID Commercial Crimes Unit to generate a letter stoping the funds to be transferred into Drax nominated account.

This was done without consulting protocol. The police officers who are very senior with ASCOM A Ndou telling another government that Zimbabwean government is practicing money laundering. This shows the irresponsibility of the senior officers.

With information provided by
Mutamba to Temba Mliswa and to Hopeless Chin’ono the case was wrongly placed at the door steps of the President.

The Drax issue angers Temba because Temba wanted his own company he was backing and his team of officers to benefit. When he realised that the contract was awarded to Drax Temba teamed up with Chin’ono and pretended to be giving out information which would look credible.

This shook the government and led to the dismissal of the minister of health and several arrests of Natpharm officers.

After attacking Obadiah Moyo Temba and Chin’ono then changed their narrative and attacked the first family.

The narrative was now “ED must Go” Temba still had a free play in the police dealings.
It is unheard of for the police force to label the whole country money launderers. Then implicate the first family in a case which has been dressed as corruption issue.

Let’s not be blind Matanga is being attacked for defending the president.

The behaviour of Temba Mliswa is meant to tarnish the image of the first family together with the country.

Firstly it is treasonous of the police to say the nation has sent funds in a laundering way. This tarnishes the image of the country. It is a fact that Drax had supplied PPEs. The question of overcharging was raised by Temba Mliswa through Chin’ono and Mutamba Charumbira and Ndou. Obey Law Moyo did not obey the law but took sides of those who were corrupt themselves. In the Drax case
There has never been a dispute that the products were not delivered. Some PPEs are held at the airport in Zimbabwe.

The effects of the behaviour of the police officers and their puppet Temba has cost Zimbabwe heavily. At the moment Zimbabwe has lost investors. No one wants to deal with a country which use your products then change the price and finally refuse to pay. The country which arrests the foreign representatives over a civil case is a danger to trade.

This is the label Zimbabwe has because of the actions of Temba and his team of officers.
The actions of these officers is dividing the police leadership. Daggers are out against Zimbabwe. In short there is a thick plot against president Mnangagwa.

It is the character of the president which is being torn apart by Temba Mliswa.
One cannot but feel that a very grave responsibility rests upon us as a nation to defend our nation.

The Law protects free speech, but when an untrue statement causes real harm, defamation laws and constitutional protections can collide.

This is because the law encourages free speech, especially when it comes to politicians or prominent local figures who have placed themselves in the public eye and can expect more public scrutiny than the average person faces.

Zimbabwe is losing investors because of people who always Twit negatives against Zimbabwe.

We should all stand up and bring back sanity to our police force. We are not money launderers.

Looking at this case on the round one asks a painful question whose interest are these senior police officers serving, their Mole Themba Mliswa should challenge this report which sheds the truth behind the Zimbabwe Govt’s money held in Hungary because our disloyal and treacherous police wrote a false report to the Hungarian authorities that the two Million dollars was dirty money.

Themba’s write ups are a clear sign that things are not okay at PGHQ, the police leadership is fractured and disfunctional. How can juniors use Themba a politician opposed to the government to attack their own senior. It would seem there is some reason which has all of a sudden triggered the senior police officers who have an agenda against the state to give information on DRAX to Themba, which itself is indiscipline of the worst order. Heads must role in order to bring sanity to our police force.

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