Till operator jumps onto getaway car to thwart fraudsters

A DARING till operator led to the arrest of a fake money fraudster and the recovery of US$2 710 in fake notes when he jumped on the bonnet of a getaway car used by suspects who had just duped him in Senga, Gweru on Saturday.

Kumbirai Brian Chereti, who is employed at Sante-Plus pharmacy could not stand by and watch as three suspects who had given him a fake US$100 note and got US$90 change after a transaction speed away in their getaway Toyota Mark X.

He rushed outside and jumped onto the bonnet of the car as it started off. The car fell into a ditch after the driver swerved in an attempt to throw Chereti off the bonnet. Two suspects escaped while one was apprehended.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident.

“Senga Police arrested a 23-year-old who was found in possession of fake US$2 710 after he made a purchase at Sante-Plus pharmacy, Chirandu Shopping Centre, Senga, Gweru. The incident occurred on Saturday at around 6pm,” said Mahoko

It is alleged that Tinashe Kanengoni of Nketa 7, Bulawayo disembarked from a Toyota Mark X at the Business centre and bought Sophlex syrup at Sante-Plus pharmacy.

He used a USD$100-00 note and was given US$$90-00 change. He rushed back to the vehicle which had two other occupants.

Chereti immediately realized that the note was fake, rushed outside and jumped onto the bonnet of the car before it had taken off.

Upon taking off, the driver tried to swerve the motor vehicle in an effort to throw Chereti off the bonnet and in the process the vehicle fell into a ditch.

Two occupants including the driver disembarked and fled away. Kanengoni was however apprehended by members of the public and handed over to Senga Police.

“Police searched the vehicle and found four different vehicle number plates, fake US$2 710 comprising of 25xUS$100, 3xUS$50, $2xUS$20 and 2xUS$10.

Kanengoni is in Police custody while his suspected accomplices are still at large.

Police are appealing to members of the public who might have information on the whereabouts of the other suspects to call / inform any nearest police station.

Members of the public who have fallen victim to criminals using fake money are invited to approach Senga Police and assist in the investigation.

“We would like to urge business people to closely check the bills they are given before processing transactions,” said Mahoko. MasvingoMirror

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