Why I want collaboration with Nigerian artistes- Wayne FOG

Zimbabwean singer Wayne Mukangairwa, aka Wayne FOG, has said that he chose to work with Nigerian artistes and is still interested in doing more because of the love and respect he has for their music.

Speaking on what brought him to Nigeria, he told Sunday Scoop, “International collaborations and a love for this country and its people (are the things that brought me here. Nigeria is the home of afrobeats— a genre of music I love so much. I came to pay homage to some great people on the scene here.

“I have been working with music video director, Mex, to make the video for the remix of my song, Ikoko. I have also been making amazing connections. I’m really grateful to everyone that has helped make my trip to Nigeria such a success.”

On the features he likes most about Nigerian music, he said, “I like the artistes, the culture and the environment of creativity that thrives here. It is a huge inspiration to me.”

The singer also noted that his Extended Play album titled, Ready for Love, was inspired by life. He said, “When I wrote the songs in the EP, I was expressing the life I was living at that time. For me, the overarching narrative is that I was done with playing games in love. It is the realisation that true love is the one I am interested in. It is an expression of growth.”

On if he is indeed ‘ready for love’ as the title of the EP implies, the singer said, “I believe we all go on journeys in romantic and familial love. It is an investment and like everyone else, I am on that journey through my life too. I believe this EP reflects feelings many people can recognise and relate to. I believe that’s important.” ■

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