Maskiri torches storm with Tapiwa Makore lyrics | VIDEO

“Handina musoro kunge Tapiwa Makore” (I have no head like Tapiwa Makore)… That line might upset a few in Alicious Musimbe aka Maskiri’s new track Mbinga from Binga.

Tapiwa Makore was a seven-year-old who was murdered in a suspected ritual. It took six months for him to buried. He was interred without his head.

Below are some reactions to Maskiri’s latest lyrics.

Others found Maskiri creative and said dark humour was very much part of creative talent.

The progression of the track does feel a bit like See you when get there by Coolio.

Maskiri uses his usual mix of social commentary sauced with punchlines, metaphors, to make reference to himself and his, well skills.

It is entertaining for that but it offers very little on the musical aspect. But it will work for the heads.

Watch Mbinga from Binga by Maskiri below and tell us what you think…

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