Tamy Moyo signs as ZIMOCO brand ambassador, gets brand new car (PHOTOS)

Musician Tamy Moyo was today signed by ZIMOCO car company as their brand ambassador, where she was given a brand new car as part of the deal.

Over the last 2 years, Tamy has evolved from a youthful teen at Westridge High School, with her debut album “Celebrate Your Life” putting her on the map, complemented by her being an edgy, fashion-forward pop star.

Tamy is one star who knows how to use fashion and style to define her brand.

But in the years, the 23-year-old afro rhythm and blues pop star has created one of the most recognizable looks in the music industry.

Well, she is no longer a stranger on the winner’s podium, and after interacting with her, one easily realises how humble she is despite her achievements.

She got a brand new Haval Jolion, which ZIMOCO launched in Zimbabwe today, making her the first to drive it.

According to ZIMOCO, it took them two years to make the choice on who to make their brand ambassador until they settled for Tamy.

On the music side, Tamy has scooped almost everything on home turf and is determined to conquer the sub-region and even beyond.

She has touched hearts of many as an entertainer, philanthropist and an influencer fighting for the girl-child’s rights.

In short, this aptly sums up Tamy Moyo, Zimbabwe’s most consistent and phenomenal diva destined for stars.

“I am a young Zimbabwean lady who is driven and passionate about her craft,” said Tamy.

“I am ambitious and very much a big dreamer. I am one who sees beyond the now and thinks ahead. I’m edgy as well in my taste for pretty much anything, hence my sense of style.

“I strive for perfection in everything I set my mind to do.”

The songbird, who is no doubt one of the country’s most sought after divas, has been exposed to various cultures which shaped her career.

“I attended primary school at Lusitania Primary School which is a Portuguese school in Harare,” said Tamy.

“I went on to study my high school at Westridge High School which is a part of the Hindoo Society where I did my O and A levels.

“I’m working towards going to university sometime soon. At this point, I have decided to focus on my craft as an artiste and grow myself more in this aspect as I look forward to furthering my studies.”

Tamy confirms she was exposed to music at a tender age and grew the passion.

“I’ve always loved music and singing,” she said. “I started singing professionally at the age of seven, my first performance being at Celebration Church where I was invited by the Deuchulles to sing.

“I later on went to perform at the National Arts Merit Awards that year where I sang the national anthem which was directed by Carl Joshua Ncube.

“I went to sing at more events where I’d perform the national anthem at HIFA, Winter Jazz Fest and Madison Square Garden in New York. I then decided to release my first album the 18th Rollercoaster in 2016 and have since released some singles.”

The Mt Pleasant bred songstress owes her success to her family that has always been supportive of her over the years.

“My dad discovery my gift,” said Tamy.

“I used to sing in the senior choir while I was a junior in primary school and my dad picked it up. From then, he helped me practice and taught me how to write music and got me all these events where I’d perform.

“I am a performer, so I constantly rehearse. Dance helps me stay in shape. I do a little bit of fitness training and I swim to exercise.”

Like any other artiste, Tamy has other special people in her life who influenced her sense of fashion.

“I am fortunate and blessed to have met a woman by the name Danayi Madondo who is the founder of Hause of Stone,” she said. “We met when I was 16 and we shared great chemistry and she always believed in my craft.

“She is an established and accomplished designer stylist.

“She is very creative and has been exposed to the international market. We always want to come with something edgy and different and that’s what inspires the fashion in my craft. Danayi is a talented creative in her own right.”—&client=ca-pub-7429385817508822&output=html&h=170&slotname=3539824450&adk=491748148&adf=170294666&×170&!7&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=QXUaH0jIUI&p=https%3A//

Unlike fellow songbirds who need an extra push to do their work, Tamy has been doing well, if her catalogue is anything to go by.

“To date I have one album and seven singles,” she said.

“The album is titled The 18th Rollercoaster where you find my first few songs to air NdiberekeSango and Tonight. From then, I have been doing singles such as Beautiful Ndozvandiri ft Takura and Dobba Don, Lay It Down featuring Nutty O, KwandinobvaKuteera ft Jah Prayzah and to date Phone Call Ah, which is out on my YouTube channel, as my latest offering.”

Tamy shared some of her achievements which she said could inspire others.

“I could name a few of my greatest achievements, my favourite being my experience at Coke Studio in 2019,” she said. “Also headlining a BET festival in South Africa 2019 with Sho Madjozi and Mafikizolo.

“I also shared the stage with Joe Thomas. I won my first Nama in 2020 for Best Female. I recently took home three Star FM awards for Best Female, Best Collaboration and Best RnB song.”

As a determined diva who aims to make i on the international market, Tamy says she is open for collaborations.

“I would love to collaborate with Beyoncé and Tiwa Savage! These are two strong females who have accomplished so much for themselves and are creative geniuses in their own right,” said Tamy.

“My role model is Beyoncé! She is perfection redefined. She is a hard worker and a dreamer. She stops at nothing to be the best at what she does.”

If she was not a musician, Tamy said she could have been busy in the courts.

“If I wasn’t a musician, I think I’d be a lawyer,” she said. “I have always been passionate about matters to do with justice and injustice.”

As a young lady, Tamy has a clique that she hangs around with if she is not busy with music and fashion.

“I have a few girl friends who I love very much,” she said.

“We usually hang out in enclosed private spaces. Once in a while we make appearances at open spaces like Hometown, Queen of Hearts just to name a few.

“We love to dance and eat a whole lot. I’m a foodie, I love a good meal and good outdoorsy vibes. My family and friends treat me like a normal being at home. They see me as just their sister, friend, daughter nothing more. But obviously when it’s time to work I’m Tamy Moyo and they respect that.”

Her wishes as an artiste are to grow big regionally and internationally.

“I hope to be one of the most successful artistes across Africa and hopefully win a BET,” said Tamy.

“I hope to be better than I am today at what I do. All the above mentioned are just my colleagues in industry who I work well with and respect very much. I haven’t dated any of the above.”

Asked about her relationship status on the back of rumours that she was dating singers such as Takura, Holy Ten and even producer Chiweda, Tamy cleared the air on her relations with Chiweda that many thought was her fiancé.

“Chiweda and I work well together and I respect his craft,” she said. “I am not at liberty to say more. On the aforementioned too, it is just business, nothing much.”

Despite being bred and raised in Harare, Tamy has her rural home at heart.

“I do go to rural areas,” she said. “I have been to my mum’s rural home mostly in Mutoko and Domboshawa.

“I love it when we come together as family and enjoy our time together.”

Tamy said she love to eat rice.

“I love anything with rice,” she said. “As of late I have been eating sushi a lot and have grown to like it very much. One thing I can’t live without is my laptop. I keep everything essential in there, music of course.”

Tamy said she is also a church goer.

The sultry singer, who is managed by her parents, opened up on her unique hair style, especially the white braids she wears on stage.

“I love white hair because it sets me apart and that’s a statement on its own,” she said.

“I love that it represents growth which is what I’m all about.”

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