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Epworth woman arrested at hospital trying to steal baby for rituals, confesses (VIDEO)

By Mutsa Makuvaza

AUTHORITIES at a Harare Hospital have intercepted and detained an Epworth woman who dressed up as a hospital staff and attempted to steal a baby from the hospital wards.

The woman, who identified herself as Jossie Manzombe from Overspill in Epworth, said she was going to kill the baby by injection and sell the head to South Africa in exchange for a commuter omnibus. She claimed there was a ready buyer for the babies’ heads and all she and her colleagues had to do was to get the babies to the buyer.

The video has gone viral and drew mixed reactions on social media from various commentators.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said he was appalled by the revelations and would take up the matter of hospital security with relevant authorities.

Health insurance player Susan Mutami expressed outrage at the confessions and in an angry outburst called for instant justice on the culprits, including physical assault.

“She needs to beaten first and then have a mental health assessment done afterwards,” Mutami said.

The woman confessed that hee colleagues were at other hospitals on similar missions but did not reveal the targeted medical facilities.

Non-governmental organization Padare Enkundleni, which deals with male health and social issues, called for the soldiers to be deployed to guard hospitals until a proper security plan was in place, saying it was clear that private security at hospital was easilt being dribilled by criminals.

“This is a national security issue and should be treated as such people are losing babies! Babies are human beings and if that choir wants to sing then they can sing all day, all they like.

“It’s high time the army is deployed to guard our hospitals until there is a solid security plan to secure mothers, babies and other patients.”

The woman said she had no difficulty going past security manning the entrance as she dressed up as one of the hospital staff.

Watch the video below of the hospital thief’s confessions:

Jossie Manzombe of Epworth confesses to attempting to steal a baby and kill it for rituals

The incident comes as a two month old baby went missing last month in Chinhoyi’s Ruvimbo area. The disappearance happened at around 01.000 am, an hour after the mother had escorted a visitor.

According to ZRP, upon returning home, the baby’s mother was told by her two minor siblings that an unidentified man had forcibly entered the house and made off with the baby. The baby is yet to be recovered. – Zimbabwe Voice

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