Mangudya speaks on KPMG workers caught kissing, caressing in the bank | PHOTOS

By Mutsa Makuvaza

RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor John Mangudya has been forced to issue a statement after two KPMG staffers – a male and a female – were caught on camera kissing, hugging and caressing each other on the bank’s mezzanine floor yesterday.

In the images which we publish below, a male with his mask on is seen holding tightly to a female who he has pinned against the wall in the smoking section of the RBZ.

Sources at the RBZ have told the Zimbabwe Voice that the couple, Tinotenda Makoni and his lover Tariro Nyaumwe, are both employees of accountancy firm KPMG.

Tariro Nyaumwe

The images of the workplace romance at the apex bank have drawn mixed reactions especially after the Governor issued a statement, with many suggesting that for a whole Governor to issue a comment, the photos must really have damaged the bank’s image.

Tinotenda Makoni

In a statement, Mangudya says the bank’s high-definition CCTV captured the scene yesterday between 17.08 and 17.35 hours, and that the two lovers exited the bank separately after 19.00 hours.

RBZ staffers captured on camera caressing, kissing and hugging. 📷CCTV mugshot

The two were not the bank’s staffers but work for a service provider who is engaged in some business with the apex bank, Mangudya adds. He saya RBZ has since expressed its displeasure to the service provider over the matter.

RBZ staffers captured on camera caressing, kissing and hugging. 📷CCTV mugshot

Meanwhile, Mangudya has so dismissed as false and malicious the social media reports to the effect that foreign currency was no longer legal tender. The message has been circulating on various social media platforms since over the weekend.

“There is no policy or law that prohibits the use of foreign currency in Zimbabwe,” said Mangudya, adding that the message was calculated at causing panic, anxiety, alarm and despondency in the economy.

“The Bank wishes to reiterate to the public that they can pay fpr goods and services in foreign currency or local currency and that they should ignore the malicious messages being circulated on social media,” said Mangudya in another statement. – Zimbabwe Voice

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