Jah Prayzah’s new single Svovi: ‘Not really a great song’ | VIDEO

CONTEMPORARY musician Jah Prayzah yesterday released a single, “Svovi”, ahead of his forthcoming album “Gwara” scheduled for release on July 9.

Jah Prayzah took it to social media to clarify that the song was not part of the forthcoming album. Well, some might say the song is set to quench their thirst and already has received overwhelming response from his fans and minions.

“It is not what it is,” Jah Prayzah posted prior to the release of the single. “The song I am releasing is a single and I will be very mad and disappointed if people associate the single with my new album. Even if we meet in the streets and you ask me about the single, I will tell you that it is not part of the list.”

The single, which was released together with visuals, has attracted thousands of views on social media. Within 40 minutes of release, the song, which resonates well with those in love, was already at 11 000 views.

“Svosvi”, which means “my love, sweetheart, or babe”, as one likes to interpret it, shows Jah Prayzah flirting with a beautiful video vixen at the shores of Zanzibar, while colourfully dressed for the scene.

Somehow, it seems the musician, who had starved his fans for a long time, decided to drop “Svosvi”, which has a romantic melodious tune. Again it seems Jah Prayzah has struck the right chord with good quality visuals from transition from one place to the other.

Many still wonder how he managed to shoot such a high quality video despite some local artistes complaining that Covid-19 has affected their productions.

Well, on this one Jah Prayzah has been bubbling with creativity.

The beat on the single has some vibe that can meet international standards and Jah Prayzah has shown his diversity — that he is not only the Jah Prayzah of the popular “nhembe” on his videos.

Jah Prayzah worked with director Kenny, Young DLC, Washington Ushamba and a model identified as Ms_Ryta on the video.

Some of his fans, including soccer superstar Tino Kadewere, have started promoting the single by posting a video playing and dancing to the song.

After the release of the single, many are now wondering on what the new album will be like.

Will Jah Prayzah maintain his bar of aiming high, striving for the international scene, or will he have huge collaborations?

That said, you feel, Young DLC was not as aggressive as he could have been with the strings. They aren’t in your face like a normal EDM jaunt.

Director Kenny does the video. And for that, it has a different feel, quite a departure from Jah Prayzah’s co-conspirator Vusa Blaqs. The visuals just feel, erm, yeah, different.

So it isn’t a bad song. It is not a great song either. It will work. Check out Svovi by Jah Prayzah below and tell us what you think:

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