Cold weather kills woman on the streets of Bulawayo

AN unidentified woman believed to a street dweller was found dead at the corner of George Silundika and 10th Avenue in Bulawayo this morning.

It is suspected that she succumbed to the cold weather. There was a light drizzle on Sunday afternoon amid cold temperatures that dropped to about seven degrees at night.

Witnesses said the police were called to the scene early in the morning to collect the body.

“We knew her from around the city, she would go out of the city and buy some goods to sell. However, there was a time that her goods were stolen. I think it was three or so years ago and she was never the same again,” said one witness.

Vendors who sell their wares at the corner have since abandoned it saying the place has to be cleansed before they resume business.

Money changers were seen milling around the scene going about their business. ■

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