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Chamisa ally says ED, Mwonzora have what Chamisa lacks: a plan and funds

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  • "The opposition needs a plan, and the funds to support it. If the opposition walks into 2023 unprepared, that might be the end of this dispensation of opposition..."

By Mutsa Makuvaza

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has a small window period left to up their game or else they will be history after the 2023 elections, an ally of Chamisa has warned.

Former G40 sympathizer Edmund Kudzayi believes his preferred elections candidate Nelson Chamisa is fast getting outpaced and outfoxed by his rivals President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora.

Kudzayi fell out of favour with Zanu-PF after the 2017 popular military uprising against Robert Mugabe which led to President Mnangagwa taking over. He has been a strong critic of the Zanu-PF Government while pushing for Chamisa to beat Zanu-PF at the politics game.

In an unusual tongue lashing on social media, Kudzayi says Mwonzora and Mnangagwa both have plans and funds to secure their political space and are utilizing them for such, while Chamisa’s camp has been reduced to a party of press statements and tweets with nothing to show besides talking.

“Mnangagwa has a plan, and the funds to support it. Mwonzora has a plan, and the funds to support it. The opposition needs a plan, and the funds to support it. If the opposition walks into 2023 unprepared, that might be the end of this dispensation of opposition,” warned Kudzayi, a strong Mnangagwa critic and former editor of the State-owned Sunday Mail.

Kudzayi said the MDC Alliance is always begging for funds but must know that funds follow a plan.

“People are prepared to fund an opposition that shows serious organizational capacity and that has a clear and executable plan. Why would anyone fund Chamisa’s party in its current state of disorientation?

“There are comrades advising Chamisa to contest 2023 but privately they say they know he will ‘lose’. So why are they desperate for him to contest? Atsunzunya ngaatsikwe. Remember when we warned about Mwonzora a long time ago and were accused of dividing the opposition?” Kudayi added.

Kudzayi said Chamisa’s so-called masses were of no use if they were unable to take to the streets. He also wondered if Chamisa had changed from his stance that he would not participate in elections without reforms, considering that the opposition leader is demanding that by-elections be held.

Speaking on the same issue, former Zanu-PF youth leader Lewis Matutu said the MDC Alliance was paying heavily for relying on sanctions and economic downturn to land State power, something he said was not going to happen.

“That’s what happens when you have a leadership relying on illegal economic sanctions against their own country for power instead of progressive policies that respect national interests,” Matutu reckoned.

“Talking about sanctions doesn’t mean they’re the only impediment to the rapid economic development of our country but in this particular case when Nelson Chamisa is waffling about ’KEYS’ he is relying on the hostility of the West against our country sanctions included.”

This was in response to Chamisa’s claim over the weekend that he still holds the keys to the economy and the Zanu-PF Government wpulf achieve nothing without working with him

Matutu said Chamisa was over reliant on people making decisions on his behalf but must realize that those same people have their own decisions to make. This was in reference to that statement by Chamisa that people must uprise following the demolitions of illegal structures by local authorities and Government. – Zimbabwe Voice

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