30-year-old man goes missing

A 30-year-old mentally challenged man vanished from his home in Fairbridge near Bulawayo on Thursday last week and remains missing.

Kembo Madzanhira says his son slipped away from their home at around 9am and has not returned.

“Washington is 30 years old and has a mental challenge. On Thursday he went out of the gate and he never returned. He never informed anyone on where he was going, he usually tells us when he is leaving the house going somewhere but on Thursday he never,” said Madzanhira.

He added that Washington is not a person of a violent nature and comes to Ingutsheni Central Hospital alone to collect his medication without challenges.

“We are surprised that he disappeared, he can do many things alone and even collects his own medication at Ingutsheni,” he said.

He was last seen wearing a cream shirt, gray jeans and brown safari shoes. He is bald and has a full beard.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts can contact Mr Madzanira on 0783545216, 0776721510, 0785603988 or the nearest police station. ■

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