Mliswa back in Parliament, says sorry

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) yesterday apologized profusely to Deputy Speaker of Parliament Tsitsi Gezi for disrupting Parliament business a day before and for accusing the Deputy Speaker of having been captured by Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi.

Mliswa was ejected from the august House Tuesday after he confronted Ziyambi saying the Justice Minister wished him dead and was consulting traditional healers to effect that wish. Mliswa also launched a tirade against Gezi when she demanded his ejection, saying she too was under the spell of Ziyambi’s “witchcraft”.

Mliswa was subsequently escorted out of Parliament but came back yesterday with an apology for disrupting normal Parliament activities.

“May I first of all apologise to you for the conduct yesterday. I profusely apologise to you and the Chair,” said Mliswa.

“Madam Speaker, I also want you to protect this institution too. I think we have a situation where the Executive is in the tendency of bullying other pillars of the State. The Judiciary has been bullied and we as an institution that makes the law must be seen to be protecting the Judiciary.

“Parliament is being bullied willy-nilly. We are born as triplets with each one having their role to play but outmost Parliament has the most important role to play of oversight. There must be respect of each institution as they stand.”

Mliswa then went back to subtly attack Ziyambi who is leader of Government business in Parliament. Mliswa said previous leaders of Government business in Parliament such as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Patrick Chinamasa worked well with MPs unlike Ziyambi who he said was bullying legislators all the time.

“Parliament cannot be used by leaders of Government business. We had the former Speaker and Leader of Government Business, the current President His Excellency, E. D. Mnangagwa who was Leader of Government Business and who was a Speaker. I worked with him when he was Leader of Government Business.

“With his experience and everything, he respected Members of Parliament and did not abuse his position. We also had Hon. Patrick Chinamasa who was also Leader of Government Business. Their conduct was mature and it was not emotional.

“They did not use their position – if there is anything, they used their position to propel this institution so that it remains an institution of integrity, dignity and hope for the people. I say so because we cannot allow this institution to settle personal scores.”

Interestingly, Ziyambi had the day before accused Mliswa of bullying MPs and Cabinet Ministers when they come to answer questions in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Gezi did not expressly accept Mliswa’s apology. She told him that his case was still to be finalized, implying that the Norton legislator could be penalized for his actions. – Zimbabwe Voice

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