Zupco urges passengers to use tap cards

ZUPCO has encouraged the public to embrace use of tap cards, although this will also mean that more buses under his operational control are willing to accept the cards.

Speaking yesterday on the sidelines of the launch of the Vaya ne ZUPCO platform, Zupco acting chief executive Evaristo Madangwa said at all major cities or boarding points kiosks at terminuses sell tap cards and offer the recharge service.

While passengers are normally happy with tap cards, since they can be recharged with swipe cards or mobile money, while cash is harder to get instantly, many buses under the Zupco franchise do not have the tap card readers that are required.

Another reason why many passengers want buses to use tap cards is the popular $45 fare, which normally means payment of $50 since there are hardly any $5 notes now in circulation.

“You know in this era of Covid-19 we are promoting cashless transactions so we have intensified the machines in our buses that are handling transactions for tap cards so that we ease the process of handling cash and also try and assist in making sure that we are Covid-19 compliant.

“So we have got a solution for tap cards and we encourage all members of the travelling public to embrace the tap card which is a digital way of paying,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion to launch the VAYA ne ZUPCO platform yesterday, Harare Institute of Technology Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Engineer Talon Garikai, said the partnership and online booking platform is aligned to global trends of public and private sector partnerships, and the use of technology in public transport to transform people’s lives.

“I hope that this innovation and partnership, which will initially support passengers travelling between Harare and Bulawayo, will quickly be rolled out throughout other cities and across the country, so that our people can benefit from this smart partnership,” he said. ■

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